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The leadership behind ClearAction has recognized expertise from executives all across the country. We’ve helped hundreds of firms bring their strategy into reality by leveraging knowledge across the entire marketing and customer experience continuum. Faster implementation. Faster results. Faster ROI.

ClearAction Continuum was created to go beyond the basics and help customers deal with the hard issues that drive change in their business.

The thing that makes us eager to engage in every client encounter? Helping leaders center their business on what matters most to their customers.

There is a significant gap between current business practices and the things companies should be doing to create more engaging customer experiences. Digital disruption and customer experience expectations have increased the pace at which Marketers and Customer Experience Professionals must learn, adopt and execute new marketing practices.

Many organizations do not have sufficient skills, organizational rituals, or the overall culture to sustain a competitive advantage (acquire new and retain current customers).

Since 2005 the company’s founders have been helping leaders close the gap and re-wire their organizations around critical skills and competencies that encompass three A’s: Accountability, Alignment and Agility. We apply our proven methods and concepts across an organization’s customer value continuum and provide these results:



  • Follow-through
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Productivity of resources
  • Employee engagement
  • Job satisfaction
  • Strategic vs. tactical work
  • Right the first time


  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Stakeholder cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Resource acquisition
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Share of wallet


  • Customer churn
  • Employee turnover
  • Project stalls
  • Duplicate resources
  • Redundant efforts
  • Rework
  • Frustration
  • Alliance workload

Every interaction that companies have with their customers influences the value they associate with the brand, which we call the value continuum. ClearAction has developed an innovative way for Marketers to create engaging experiences across this continuum, increasing the lifetime value associated with each customer. Our flagship offering, ClearAction Value Exchange, enables professionals at all levels of the organization to center their efforts on KPI's that increase customer lifetime value.

The ClearAction Value Exchange helps:

  • Executives increase overall market share by creating a more nimble organization that's dialed into the customer agenda.
  • Functional Leaders improve quarterly customer-centric KPI's by increasing team-based leadership skills among their employees.
  • Marketing and CX Professionals become internal customer advocates which motivates the entire organization to understand how their work impacts the customer experience.
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