Follow the Money: Center Your Business on Customers

customer centered culture


Customers are the source of salaries and budgets. They’re the boss.
Relationship strength comes from dedication to the other party: be customer-centered.

A) What gets measured gets done: customer experience metrics

B) Help managers run with the ball: customer experience actionability

C) Prevent recurrence of thorny issues: customer experience collaboration

D) Sustain business growth: customer experience maturity


The primary job of a customer experience leader is to make it easy for every role in your company to see the customer’s perspective so clearly that it compels them to act differently



A crucial ingredient missing in customer experience management to-date is embedding customer-centered mindsets and actions company-wide.

More leaders are realizing that customer-centered culture and widespread employee engagement in owning and driving customer experience excellence is crucial to achieving business results.

Here are 5 keys to customer experience differentiation that drives impressive growth:

1) Customer experience excellence as a managerial context: Every job exists thanks to customer funding. Therefore, every job has a stewardship to customers’ well-being. If not, why fund it?

2) Customer experience management beyond skin-deep: A consequence of skin-deep outside-in is a mis-match of customer-facing messages with the reality of processes, policies, business models and products.

3) Customer experience patterns move the needle: Step back to see the patterns, and you’ll see compelling stories, brilliant truths, options, and solutions.

4) Collaboration earns customer trust: The customer experience journey is horizontal. Silo-ized mis-matches erode confidence vital to relationship strength.

5) Customer experience momentum drives growth: Momentum is assured when the 4 keys above become a way of life.

Customer-centered business nurtures ongoing growth.
Let us show you how.

Key to ROI: Transform Customer Experience Holistically

Customers don’t operate in solos. We can’t operate in silos and expect significant financial growth.

CX ROI Maturity Assessment

Other maturity frameworks are siloed and based on common practices.

Our maturity model is:

  • Holistic: stepping stones put all the basics in place at once
  • ROI-based: prioritized by what customers will reward
  • Endurance-based: making customer-centered thinking a way of life

This maturity assessment will get you farther faster.
Contact us to learn how to best apply the stepping stones.
We will show you how to monitor and accelerate your CX ROI maturity.

Customer Experience Maturity

CX ROI Maturity System

The CX ROI building-blocks are:

  • Flowing: sequential actions to earn growth
  • Sticky: win hearts and minds for success
  • Logical: earn customers’ trust for enduring growth
customer-centered business

Use this system to align your C-suite's vision and ownership of lasting CX ROI.
Contact us to learn how you can connect the dots strategically and tactically.

CX ROI Enablement

Like Sales Enablement, which bridges the gap between business strategy and consistent, systematic field execution . . . to optimize the ROI of the selling solution . . .

Customer Experience Enablement:

  • Bridges the gap between asking customers for inputs and asking them to promote your company
  • Emphasizes ease-of-doing-business
customer experience enablement

CX ROI Playbooks

how to start customer experience management
how to begin customer experience management
how to build customer experience maturity

Our playbooks:

  • Put the CX ROI building-blocks and stepping-stones into place
  • Build from your strengths to reinforce CX context as a way of life
  • Emphasize ease-of-doing-business
  • Accelerate maturity and CX ROI

Accelerate Business Results Through New Wisdom

Common practices are not always best practices. Become irresistible: weave CX context into your DNA.

Quick-Start Resources

customer experience training
  • Quickest way for anyone to learn the 6 customer experience competencies
  • Aimed at preparation for a certification exam, yet useful under any circumstances
Customer Experience Training

Study Report

  • Rich tutorial on customer experience management best practices
  • Aimed at B2B, yet useful for any type of customer experience manager
Customer Experience Mentor


  • Sounding board for your plans, challenges, and decisions
  • Flexible topics, experience-rich guidance, quick value
ClearAction provides a palette of practical, scalable approaches to effectively address each component of the customer experience.
D.Wright, VP-Service Excellence, Washington Mutual
The cross-functional collaboration necessary to successfully manage the customer experience requires big picture, systems thinking. ClearAction brings very practical, well-thought out approaches to get the internal cooperation needed. ClearAction’s real-world experience in process improvement is obvious.
L.Sharp, Author, Customer Relationship Intelligence
ClearAction is a leading expert in customer experience and customer relationships. I value ClearAction’s views on the role marketing needs to take on in managing the customer experience.
C.Crandell, CMO, Ariba

Key to ROI: Think Ahead of the Norms

To differentiate, you need to do things differently.



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