CX Team Sport Awards

Entry deadline: 11th November

Winners announced 15th November

Thank your team with a CX Team Sport Award

These 6 competencies are CX team sport prerequisites:

When you have achieved excellence in these 3 A’s, you will have almost-automatic excellence in customer, partner, and employee experience!

6 team sport success factors drive ease of work and ease of business.

Ease means preventing negative surprises.

Which ones are your strengths?

Team Sports CX Day

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 15th November!

RSVP: EMEA/Americas Tuesday Noon New York = 17:00 Paris = 10:00 Dubai

RSVP: Oceania/Asia Tuesday 12:30-13:00 Sydney = 09:30-10:00 Manilla = 07:00-07:30 Mumbai = 6:30-7 pm Mon Los Angeles

This year’s CX Day theme is CX Drives Success,
which is powered by last year’s theme: CX is a Team Sport.

Your company has been thinking about CX as a team sport over the past year.
So, now is the time to be recognized for your CX team sport progress.

CX Day Team Sport

We’re making CX a team sport! A team sport means every player has a vital role.

Gone are the days when customer experience excellence can be claimed by customer-facing groups alone.

Every employee and partner plays a vital role: create value and prevent issues for customers!

An excellent experience is a 1-to-1 ratio between what’s promised versus delivered.
(Example: CX Lessons from Baseball.)

See great ideas for the best candidates for this award: 6 CX Spirit Animals for Today’s CX Imperative of Trust

Ease of Work Categories

Customer value growth through efficiency

Ease of Business Categories

Customer value growth through effectiveness

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