CCXP CompetenciesShould you start customer experience management with Voice of the Customer and gradually add Customer Experience Design and Improvement? Or vice versa? Is it necessary to slog through years of putting together many facets of customer experience management before customer-centered culture takes root?

Learn how to integrate the 6 CCXP competencies from the get-go or wherever you are in your customer experience management maturity. By integrating all competencies with the appropriate stepping stones in each simultaneously, you’ll make quicker progress in the things that customers will reward on an ongoing basis. Your goal: reap increasing rewards while decreasing investment. Technologies won’t accomplish this goal single-handed. To do this, you need to know which stepping stones to take in leveraging all 6 competencies together.

Let’s get started!

1) Why is it important to integrate the 6 competencies?
2) What are implications of the starting point for CXM?
3) What is the natural interplay of the 6 competencies?
4) How can we start integrating the 6 competencies?

This 35-minute course is chock-full of paradigm-shifting insights. See how 2 models make the interplay of the 6 competencies crystal clear. Drive transformation in the way you manage customer experience through more than 10 worksheets, plus 2 planning templates.

Volume discounts available at these tiers: request by emailing Su*****@Cl*********.com
$80/course for 5-9 seats
$75/course for 10-49 seats
$70/course for 50-99 seats
$65/course for 100-499 seats
$60/course for 500-999 seats
$50/course for 1000 or more seats

This module is useful to people who have already earned their CCXP as well as others who are starting the CCXP path, and even those who are interested in CXM ROI without CCXP interest.