The ClearAction Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management Benchmarking Study monitors the implementation of best practices in customer-focused management for sustainable high profitability.

Focus this year:

  • Which functional areas are driving various components of customer experience management?
  • What is the scope of deployment: a division, region, function, or company-wide?


Additional insights in each year’s theme:

This year’s study reveals success factors to world-class customer experience management (CEM):
The world’s first global benchmarking study of business-to-business customer experience management (B2B CEM) provides insights on the growing role of customer experience in corporations. Four out of five B2B firms assign overall responsibility for customer experience initiatives to a vice president or director-level executive, and half of the organizations have increased investment in customer experience management over the past five years. One in five companies treats customer experience inputs as a determinant of corporate strategy.

Ten characteristics that differentiate CEM from customer satisfaction or customer relationship management were assessed. The best understood tenets of CEM reflect aspects of customer perception measurement. The lesser known tenets describe the customer’s high degree of control in characterizing customer experience, and the need for organizations to maintain insatiable curiosity and uncanny adaptability for delivering superior customer experiences.

Recommendations for stronger customer experience strategy, cross-organizational cooperation, and business results are provided throughout the report.

1st B2B CX sample

How practitioners are using the study:
B-to-B CX management
business to business CEM
B-to-B client experience

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