C-Suite Customer Experience

C-Suite customer experience guide

Live course for CEO’s direct reports and board members, with online resources.

To guide the C-Suite’s leadership of world-class customer experience (CX) growth strategy, this course highlights the myths of commonly practiced best-practices and lays out the how-to behind CX ultimate-practices™. It extends equally well to employee experience and partner experience as growth levers.

  • Build common language, shared vision, and collective capability
  • Tailor examples and examples to your industry and company
  • Gauge your knowledge via topic exploration, topic mastery, and quiz games

This body of knowledge raises executives’ understanding CX performance as pivotal to organic revenue and profitability growth that exceeds industry norms. Emphasis is on the crucial role of non-customer-facing groups for profitable CX excellence. See the example of topics covered in this article: Customer Experience Growth Mindset for Executives.

It’s exciting to see such engagement among our key leaders to drive customer first philosophy and customer experience performance. I’m ecstatic that all our executives are clearly aligned for applying this in our various countries through this food for thought. At the end of this session, there is genuine excitement among our core people for driving service excellence standards.

Group Chief Experience Officer

This course is delivered live (remotely or in-person) in a single 90-minute or 2-hour session, or in one 3-hour course, or three 90-minute segments, or any combination of topics and length you prefer.

Agenda example:

  1. Customer Experience Leadership
    • Business Sense & Prioritization
    • Customer Management Roles
    • Customer Experience ROI Model
  2. Customer Experience ROI
    • Core-Growth Customers
    • Leading-Indicator Dashboard
    • Rewarding Seamless Customer Experience
  3. Customer Experience Growth
    • Trust-Building
    • Raising Returns on CX Resolution
    • Igniting CX-Inspired Innovation

Up to 30 executives in each training session

Small group topic mastery exercise and debriefing in each session

Workbook for note-taking with topic exploration and application questions for every presentation slide

Topic exploration questions connect to situations the participants have experienced earlier in life

Topic application questions encourage participants to put learning into immediate use

Topic mastery questions are true-life scenarios for participants to use learnings to solve a challenge

Individual access to readings, self-paced online recorded course, and application exercises

Recordings are 30-45 minute concise versions of the live class sessions

Outline with thumbnail images of presentation slides makes it easy to revisit specific topics

Subtitles are useful for English as a second language

Limited time license to the online course materials

Optional train-the-trainer session with business unit CX leaders, for in-house training of further managerial levels

Let us know: your business goal, number of participants, job levels, Experience Leadership course topic familiarity, location(s), and timing. Call +1 408 687 9700 or send an email today.

C-Suite Course Instructor

Lynn HunsakerThe C-Suite course was created by Lynn Hunsaker (CCXP, RTP). She led customer experience transformation for many years at Fortune-250 companies as Voice of Customer Manager, Strategic Information Manager, Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager, Marketing Director, and Head of Global Quality. Partial list of accomplishments:

  • 16X reduction in customers’ time for service
  • Exceeded customers’ expectations by 75%
  • 10X increase in customer productivity
  • 23X reduction in lead time from 5 days to 5 hours
  • 6X improvement in trouble-shooting cycle time
  • $1M savings monthly to the customer
  • 80% reduction in customer engineers’ cycle time
  • 75% reduction in customer-reported bugs/issues

Lynn is a seasoned CX professional. In the Experience Leadership course, she spoke to sound theory and powerful practical examples from her own experience that really help land the points on how to drive business results through customer experience programs.

Jacqueline Mueller, CCXP, Senior Vice President, Client Insight, SMG

As a California certified teacher, Lynn created and taught 24 college courses on marketing, advertising and business at San Jose State University, Mission College, University of California Berkeley Extension and UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension. Lynn is past president of American Marketing Association’s Silicon Valley chapter and Association for Psychological Type’s Bay Area chapter. She is a Certified Quality Manager, and Certified Practitioner of MBTI, CPI 260, Temperaments, and Interaction Styles, and Professional Certified Marketer.

Lynn conducted the world’s first global B2B customer experience practices study from 2010-2014. ClearAction was a founding corporate member of CXPA and Lynn has served on the CXPA board of directors and CX Experts panel, and as co-chair of many CXPA committees. Lynn is author of 3 experience leadership handbooks on Amazon Kindle. At CustomerThink.com, she is 1 of 5 Hall of Fame recipients and was #1 Author of the Year in 2015 and 2017. Lynn is co-founder of the Experience Value Exchange with revolutionary methods for skill-building, aimed at making CX a company-wide team sport.

CXPA Recognized Training Provider

What participants are saying about our Advanced Experience Leadership course

“Thank you for having a wonderful session in such a short duration. I really appreciate the way you have integrated project management, change management and customer experience management. It has been a fantastic experience.

“I left the class energized, buzzing with multiple ways to up level our CX programs.

“This course is an absolute must for any practising CX professional wishing to take their knowledge to the next level and to adapt to the changing realities of CX practices – especially as we face the challenges of the post-Covid, ‘New Now’.

“Lynn is a seasoned CX professional. She spoke to sound theory and powerful practical examples from her own experience that really help land the points on how to drive business results through customer experience programs.

“This seminar brings the group in with thought-provoking discussions where participants share real-world examples from our different histories and experiences. I appreciate the practical tools and resources explaining how to use these in greater depth.