CCXPThe Customer Experience Excellence course contains essay questions for Topic Exploration and Topic Mastery, along with true-false and multiple-choice questions. This “Instructor Feedback” option allows you to receive the instructor’s feedback to your answers. (Purchase Customer Experience Excellence Course (Online, Subscription, Webinar, In-Person Podcast, or Module version) or Practice Questions separately.)

NOTE: Adult learning success is increased greatly by applying concepts to what you’re already familiar with (Topic Exploration) and to typical scenarios in your job (Topic Mastery).

Submit your Customer Experience Excellence course answers in the online screens and with this option purchased, the instructor will email you advice confirming or expanding upon your answers. If you prefer, you can schedule a verbal feedback session instead of receiving email feedback or instead of submitting written answers.

Ensure your CCXP exam success by completing the essay questions in each module of the Customer Experience Excellence course and getting the instructor’s feedback:

NOT READY FOR THE CCXP EXAM? Get ClearAction Continuum’s Customer Experience Excellence Topic Mastery Certificate!

Customer Experience Certificate

This certificate is provided for successful completion of Topic Mastery scenario questions from the Customer Experience Excellence course. Get yours!



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