CCXP Prep CourseCCXP live training for customer experience enthusiasts and CCXP prep: Learn the customer experience leadership body of knowledge prescribed by the CXPA — plus much more to assure strongest performance in your career.

In addition to this CCXP live training, you get immediate access to your class workbook, how-to template links, succinct recorded class, online quiz game, case studies and readings, scenario exercises as adult learning must-haves, free instructor feedback on scenario exercises, multiple-choice quizzes with clues and explanations, optional Experience Leadership Topic Mastery certificate and social media badge, CCXP Exam Preparation book (Bartlett; PDF), and weekly study groups led by instructor Lynn Hunsaker, who is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and CXPA Recognized Training Provider. Pre-class completion of quizzes allows your instructor to focus on your highest-need areas, to make the most of your investment. Learn how to make customer experience world-class for your company and your career growth.

“I wanted to congratulate you on your course. I felt it completely covered the material perfectly and a fellow CXPA member recommended it to me. Considering the course was concise, that is very impressive, indeed! I was able to do a complete refresher the morning of the exam.”

Your time is valuable: the more succinct the course, the more the instructor prepared to respect your time. In addition to class time, you should budget about the same amount of time for readings, exercises, and quizzes. Save precious time without the need for reading books, taking extensive multiple choice quizzes, travel, or pre- and post-travel prep/catch-up.

“This course was one of the first CCXP resources out there. It was a huge help in passing with my first attempt.” — Jennifer Wright, PhD, CCXP

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Wednesdays 10:30 AM to Noon US EST = 16:30-18:00 Europe CEST

July 21 — Improvement & Design

July 28 — Culture & Accountability

August 4 — VoC & Intelligence

August 11 — Operationalized Strategy

August 18 — Metrics & Analytics

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Experience Leadership modernizes customer experience practices for the new realities of the 2020s and beyond. What got us through the 2010s (CX Management) is insufficient for today’s customer needs. Concise frameworks in this CCXP prep course are tried-and-true success factors used in leading CX company-wide with significant strategic impact, maturity and scalability.

CX TouchpointsCX ManagementCX Leadership
Customer Service
Customer Success
Customer Loyalty
User Experience
CRM, . . .
The set of practices that an organization employs to meet (or exceed) customers’ expectations.Company-wide alignment to core customers’ expectations.
one-by-one guidance and programs to prevent churn and drive renewals, upsells and cross-sells for revenue growthinteraction-based, programmatic, engaging customers as brand allies for revenue growthmost profitable and scalable: culture-based, strategic, engaging stakeholders to prevent issues, embedding magnetic attraction for lifetime value growth

“I’ve recommended ClearAction CCXP training to many others. Thanks again!” — Nikki Pampalone, CCXP

CCXP Live Training Advantages
Get everything you need to pass the CCXP exam
Designed by a real CX leader (B2B, Fortune 250), Lynn Hunsaker, CCCXP, RTP, with company-wide responsibility and stellar track record for significant CXM results

  • She is a university instructor who has designed and delivered dozens of college courses
  • She conducted the world’s first 5-year global study of B2B customer experience management practices
  • She is 1 of 5 CustomerThink Hall of Fame authors and featured on numerous top influencer lists
  • Examples of her track record:
    CCXP live training

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“This course was muy excellente! It really helped me uncover what I did not know and also helped me solidify my approach to CX transformation. I found the Myth Busters to be the most valuable part and the True and False questions were awesome too. I loved that I could listen in my car, on a tablet or at my desk. I would highly recommend this course. Worth every penny and I also passed the CCXP exam the first time!” — Heather Younger, CCXP


CCXP Prep Course Agenda

Experience metrics are like a waterfall of concentric circles: knowing which ones lead to the next level is how you master metrics and analytics.

  1. CX Data Analysis
    • Indexes & statistics
    • Return on CX
  2. What Drives CX ROI
    • Leading indicators
    • Engagement metrics
  3. Tie CX to C-Suite
    • Executive buy-in
    • Actionable benchmarking & visuals
Experience improvement has 3X ROI versus experience design. Engaging stakeholders company-wide in designing, improving and innovating experience is key to enduring growth.

  1. Focusing
    • Mindsets
    • Prioritizing
  2. Mobilizing
    • Visualizing
    • Embedding
  3. Methods
    • Improvement
    • Innovation
    • Design
Experience culture is determined by what makes your stakeholders tick. Finding opportunities to influence motives and follow-through is vital to experience mastery.

  1. What is it?
    • Culture
    • Adoption
    • Accountability
  2. Way of Thinking: Adoption
    • Importance & priorities
    • Sustainable improvement
    • Inclusion & messaging
  3. Way of Doing: Accountability
    • Initiative execution
    • Influence & collaboration
    • Employee engagement
Experience intelligence shows all managers how to outperform competitors. Collecting inputs and reporting insights in ways that stakeholders eagerly anticipate are signs of experience mastery.

  1. World-Class VoC
    • Maturity
    • Engagement strategy
    • Tech & budget
  2. Designing VoC
    • What to ask: questions, ratings
    • Who to ask: population, samples
    • How to ask: research, reporting, summaries
  3. Stimulating Action
    • Intelligence graphics
    • Journey & empathy maps
    • Personas
Experience strategy needs a reboot, as essentially no company is in the Good or Excellent category of benchmark studies like Forrester’s. Greater strategic impact is possible by systematizing a logical flow of experience efforts that prevent unwanted experiences for stakeholders.

  1. Setup for Success
    • Success factors & buy-in
    • Intentional CX
    • Governance & ecosystem
  2. Operationalized Strategy
    • Why it’s rare
    • What is it
    • Template & self-assessment
  3. Speak Stakeholders’ Language
    • Align leaders to CX insights
    • Align customer engagement
    • Return on CX

“Personally, I think the price paid is less than what it is actually worth. The course should be in the USD $700’s, if not a little more.”

“Thank you, Lynn Hunsaker. Great course, and helped me pass on the 1st attempt” — Ron Mozalewski, CCXP

CCXP Live Training Instructor
Lynn HunsakerThe Experience Leadership course was created by Lynn Hunsaker (CCXP, RTP). She led customer experience transformation for many years at Fortune-250 companies as Head of Global Quality, Strategic Information Manager, Voice of Customer Manager, Customer Satisfaction Improvement Manager, and Marketing Director. She is a California certified teacher and has created and taught 24 college courses on marketing, advertising and business at San Jose State University, Mission College and University of California Berkeley Extension and UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley Extension. Lynn is past president of American Marketing Association’s Silicon Valley chapter and Association for Psychological Type’s Bay Area chapter; she is a Professional Certified Marketer and Certified MBTI Practitioner. Lynn conducted the world’s first global B2B customer experience practices study from 2010-2014. ClearAction was a founding corporate member of CXPA and Lynn has served on the CXPA board of directors and CX Experts panel, and as co-chair of many CXPA committees. She is author of 3 experience leadership handbooks on Amazon Kindle. At, she is 1 of 5 Hall of Fame recipients and was #1 Author of the Year in 2015 and 2017, sharing new wisdom that she learned during 25+ years working in the customer experience profession. Lynn is co-founder of the ClearAction Value Exchange with revolutionary methods for  experience leadership real-time skill development and application.

CCXP Prep Course Recognized Training Provider

“Excellent resource for CCXP preparation. Very robust, complete and helpful guide. Highly recommended.”


“Thank you so much, Lynn Hunsaker. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thankful for you and ClearAction.” — Carrie Weston, CCXP

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