CX Training

Take the quizzes as many times as you want. No expiration.

5 competencies covered:
1) Metrics & Analytics
2) Improvement & Design
3) Culture & Accountability
4) VoC & Intelligence
5) Operationalized Strategy


  • 10 multiple-choice questions per competency (+10 more for culture) = 60 total multiple-choice questions by ClearAction
  • 40 multiple choice questions in CCXP Exam Preparation booklet = 100 total multiple choice
  • 5 true-false questions per competency = 30 total true-false questions
  • Topic Mastery scenario questions demonstrate your mastery of the competencies
  • All questions include a separate clue to guide your thinking
  • Multiple-choice and true-false answers include rationale to reinforce your thinking
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire quiz game for each competency
  • 15% discount code for CXPA membership, which allows discount on CCXP exam
  • CCXP Study Group with CXPA Recognized Training Provider Lynn Hunsaker
  • Discount code available to get credit for what you’ve bought if you decide you want the self-paced course or any competency class self-paced or live

NOTE: All practice questions were developed by and are wholly owned by ClearAction to help test knowledge in the CCXP competencies. They are not the actual questions on the CCXP exam.


Bonus: 50-page PDF download of “CCXP Exam Preparation” booklet containing 17 principles and 40 practice questions with detailed reasoning behind correct answer selection.

No expiration. (old price was $89 — now only $49!)

Partial list of CCXPs who benefited from this CX prep course:

Kari Baker
Krista Breckman
Kevin Carruthers
Andrew Esemezie
Sophia Frey
Dennis Lemon
Jennifer MacDonald
Nancy Ortenberg
Sandra Pacitti
Michael Poulin
Aviva Shiff
Shawn Silzer
Simone Wilson
Julianna Zaremba

Darryl Alexander
Paola Annis
Daniel Bogaards
Vicky Brookes
Horacio Calvo
Gabriela Ciupitu
Toby Miles Courtney-Thomas
Elly Domene
Abdallah Elbadawy
Rania ElMehwi
Graham Fagan
Sabrina Haddach
Raphael Hergge
Izzat Husrieh
Jolian Ibrahim
Gustavo Imhof
Mahmoud Jallad
Oghenekevwe John-Olori
Valentin Kaelin
Clare Kavanagh
Laura Metcalfe
Youssef Negm
Jean Ochse
Stephanie Ogulin-Weinlich
Rebecca Okoroji
Ahmad Sidawi
Agnes Sroka
Erika Toth
Marios Vlachos
Remi Weber

Ryan Abualsamh
TJ Adler
AJ Ajinwo
Vicki Amon-Higa
Courtney Arthurholt
Sherrie Austin
Gary Batroff
Paul Broughton
Susan Brown
Eddie Christian
Lonna Coleman
Braeden Daly
Venkata Dasari
Stephanie Davis
Shannon Denniston
Erin DeSilva
Aaron Fox
Maura Goicochea
Amy Goodwin
Michael Gray
Erin Hansman
Sam Harami
Kay Lynn Hendrix
Giri Iyer
Mitchell Josh
Sheila Knight-Fields
Brian Latham
Marla Lucas
Aubrey Macklin
Megan Marburger
Rachael McBrearty
Joseph Mitileri
Jessica Noble
Rachael Perez
Robert Perez
Ryan Peterson
Joe Powell
Terry Reynolds
Eric Rhoades
Bob Roark
Sarah Sang
Vidhya Siriam
Melissa Skogan
Ima Somers
Paul Stone
Matt Stuckey
Leigh Taylor
Steve Tennant
Alyce Traverso
Eric Ullman
Katie Wallace
Cassie Wilcox
John Wong
Ellie Wu
Maggie Young
Errol Youngborg
Heather Younger

Ralf Achtelstetter
Jennifer Alcarez
Sanjay Asthana
Wai Au
Risa Baltes
Michael Bartlett
Tracy Bernstein
Millicent Blalock
Patrice Blum
Jodi Bradley
Alan Brooks
Beckie Brooks
Somesh Chablani
Abhitabh Chandra
Alison Circle
Darby Coe
Mary Rose Coleman
Gene De Libero
Kim Dixon
Michelle Ebbs
Fernando Egea
Katelyn Fisher
Lisa Flynn
Tanya Fowler
Carolyn Galvin
Amy Goodwin
Ann Gougebas
Michael Hadden
Anne Hampton
Lisa Haskins
Jeffrey Heath
Frank Hone
Cecilia James
Wanda Jett
Suzanne Kinney
James Kitterman
Tracy Kuchar
Jason Kuperschmid
Scott Kyles
Dennis Lemon
Craig Lieneck
Jack Mackey
Matt Macon
Sheila March
Sandra Mathis
Ryan McKeever
Ron Mozalewski
Jacquie Mueller
Kyle Murphy
Lisa Musante
Logan Nasr
Shawn Noble
Roberta O’Keith
Daniel Olsen
Nikki Pampalone
Liliana Petrova
Kristen Rice
Eileen Rimeikis
Angeleen Rohda
Jonathan Ruchman
Natalie Schneider
Margie Sfeir
Maulin Shah
David Shaw
Diane Simmons
Mark Smith
Bill Stavros
Tim Steinmetz
Mario Toussaint
Bob Trent
Nancy Vega
Laura Vigliotta
Erin Wallace
Carrie Weston
Cassie Wilcox
Jennifer Wright
Kristina Zeitvogel

Parag Alurkar
Mohammad Firdhaus Baharom
Sonia Bhatia-Salmin
Lionel Bird
Lindsay Carapella
Laurence Fox
Zora Hoare
Jenny Hunter
Carsten Ley
Rod Netterfield
Ravindra Patwardhan
Anita Siassios
Aurawan Sachaphornskul
Ian Stokol

Felipe Jurjevic
Sebastien Munar
Marcelo Riva
Francisco Zapata

Good news! Spanish CCXP prep course now available!

Thank you so much, Lynn Hunsaker. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thankful for you and ClearAction. — Carrie Weston, CCXP

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