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6 recorded classes:
1. Customer-Centric Culture
2. CX Adoption & Accountability
3. Voice of Customer, Insight & Understanding
4. CX Design, Improvement & Innovation
5. CX Metrics, Measurement & ROI
6. Customer Experience Strategy

ClearAction Value Exchange also includes DOZENS of:
+ Solve-SpacesTM
+ Open Forum Q&A
+ Webcast ConversationsTM
+ Fireside Chats
+ Community Calls
+ Hackathons
+ Virtual Conferences
+ Roundtables
+ Templates
+ Handbooks
+ Study Highlights
+ Customer-Focused Communication Course
+ CX 101 Course
+ Integrating the 6 CCXP Competencies Course
+ Articles Vault
+ Presentations
+ Podcasts
+ Videos
+ Case Studies

Topics in ClearAction Value Exchange reinforce CCXP subscription topics with a huge emphasis on organizational adoption and accountability, customer-centric culture, silo-bridging, scalability, and navigating cultural / political / personality gaps.

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“I would definitely recommend the ClearAction Value Exchange because it is a treasure trove of tried-and-true practices. The Solve-Spaces are really a unique thing: it’s quick and asks you some pointed questions and then gives you suggestions for taking a solution back to your teams.” — SVP Client Relations

1-min 45-sec excerpt from talk show interview: “Marketing & CX Workforce of the Future”

This CCXP subscription course is great for ANYONE wanting to influence customer-centric culture, leapfrog CX norms, and/or prep for the CCXP exam. Get myth-busters, online quiz game, recorded class, reading recommendations, exercises, and follow-up with instructor, Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP.

As a CXPA Recognized Training Provider, Lynn Hunsaker been determined by CXPA’s independent review as meeting established qualifications, skills, and commitment to provide quality Customer Experience training that will enhance your CX knowledge.


What does ‘leapfrogging CX norms’ mean? This course explains what’s needed for achievements like this. These are examples from Applied Materials, where course instructor Lynn Hunsaker led customer experience transformation to grow customer trust:

  • 16X reduction in customers’ time for service
  • Exceeded customer expectations by 75%
  • 10X increase in customer productivity
  • 10X reduction in lead time from 5 days to 5 hours
  • 6X improvement in trouble-shooting cycle time
  • $1M savings monthly to the customer
  • 80% reduction in customer engineers’ learning cycle time
  • 75% reduction in customer-reported bugs/issues

Our “up-level mindset” method is based on years of experimentation in college courses and corporate training in what sticks best for exam success and real-life application. Myth-busters are based on our 5-year global study of CX practices, plus our personal work in the CX industry over the past 3 decades. Participants from 50+ countries have enrolled in this course to deepen and broaden their CX know-how. See “Praise for this Class” below for examples of participants’ experience.

Billed once per month until cancelled

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1Your time is valuable: the more succinct the course, the more the instructor prepared to respect your time. In addition to class time: readings, exercises, quizzes (travel, pre/post travel prep).
2Real-world experience in the hot-seat of CXM is irreplaceable. CXPA’s Recognized Training Provider approval criteria is rigorous.
3Attend any session(s) you like: usually 2nd Wednesday monthly 11am US ET / 4th Wednesday 7pm US PT.
4Pre-class completion of quizzes allows your instructor to focus on your highest-need areas, to make the most of your investment. You get all ClearAction materials upon purchase.
5For questions with several good choices but only one best choice, ClearAction’s 5-year global study of CXM practices revealed what drives better results.
6Much more valuable than multiple-choice, flash cards, crosswords, matching, fill-in blank, true-false, and other study aids are (1) tying the topics to something you’ve already experienced and (2) applying the topics to real-life scenarios. ClearAction has tried all of these in 20+ college classes and Topic Mastery is your best litmus-test for exam readiness and performance.
7ClearAction’s course recordings are concise, on average 30 minutes, and packed with frameworks, success factors, exercises, myth-busters, and examples.
8ClearAction provides a Topic Mastery Certificate pending your answers in writing or verbally to the Topic Mastery scenarios. Other providers issue a certificate of attendance.
9All of ClearAction’s courses, handbooks, studies, and MUCH more are in the ClearAction Value Exchange.

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Billed once per month until cancelled

What you get via CCXP modules:

  • Myth-busters highlight Ultimate-PracticeTM vs. common practices: to discern the BEST of several good multiple choice answers; Who Wants to Be a Millionaire quiz game helps you sort out CXM myths
  • Topic Exploration exercises tie-in to your past experiences: an adult-learning MUST
  • Topic Mastery scenarios challenge you to apply class topics to real-life situations: an adult-learning MUST (note: topic Exploration + Topic Mastery are much more effective for higher exam scores AND application in growth of your company and career in comparison to flash cards, practice exams, etc.)
  • Case studies and examples enrich your understanding
  • Recommended reading, videos and podcasts deepen your knowledge
  • Succinct recording of course with navigation index to zero-in on any slide you want to revisit
  • Podcast version of course is included for continuous audio review of module (vs. audio pause for each slide)
  • Multiple-choice and true-false answers include correct answers’ rationale to reinforce your thinking
  • 60 multiple-choice questions plus 30 true-false questions plus FREE: 40 multiple-choice questions in CCXP Exam Preparation PDF (Bartlett)
  • All questions include a separate clue to guide your thinking
  • Optional free Q&A group session with instructor is available monthly (Asia-Pacific or EMEA-Atlantic)

Why it’s superior:

  • Emphasis on how to make CXM world-class for your company and your career growth
  • Concise CXM frameworks and tried-and-true success factors used in leading CX company-wide
  • Designed by a real CX leader with company-wide responsibility (B2B, Fortune 250) for significant results
  • Developed by a real university instructor who has designed and delivered dozens of college courses
  • Instructor conducted 5-year global study of customer experience management practices
  • Course developer is 1 of 5 CustomerThink Hall of Fame authors and featured on numerous top influencer lists


  • Volume discount or developing nation discount available: ask at
  • Optional discounted fee to join live webinar CCXP course or in-person CCXP course or to expand your subscription to all 6 competencies: write to
  • 15% discount code for CXPA membership, which also allows discount on CCXP exam
    (you may qualify for CXPA Coronavirus Emergency Relief Fund)

Billed once per month until cancelled

1) Customer-Centric Culture covers behaviors, practices and standards that encourage all employees to focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences. Emphasis is on:

  • Definitions: customer, customer experience, customer experience management, customers’ jobs-to-be-done
  • Best practices for cultivating a customer-focused culture
  • Engaging “hearts and minds” of an organization across employee groups
  • Aligning employee behavior with customer-focused culture
  • CXM glossary and maturity model

2) Customer Experience Organizational Adoption & Accountability covers how to drive change and develop cross-organizational accountability for customer experience performance, from the C-suite to the customer-facing team members. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Communicating the importance of customer experience and corresponding strategy
  • Aligning business goals and decision criteria with customer-focused culture
  • Prioritizing initiatives based on customer experience data
  • Reporting CX data to different audiences to compel action
  • Influencing and relationship skills to lead and sustain cross-functional efforts, collaboration
  • Applying techniques from change management, process improvement and project management for CX improvement momentum
  • Monitoring employee engagement metrics tied to CX performance

3) Customer Experience Strategy covers how to create strategy that describes the intended customer experience, its linkage to corporate strategy and its alignment with the organization’s brand values & attributes. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Communicating the importance of the customer experience strategy to deliver the organization’s business goals
  • Engaging the executive suite in CX strategy design and execution
  • Applying CX insights to business strategy frameworks, and vice versa
  • Translating corporate strategy into well-defined customer experience strategies and programmatic efforts
  • Building and benchmarking CXM maturity
  • Establishing branded customer experience

4) Customer Experience Metrics, Measurement & ROI covers creation and reporting of the measures of customer experience success, and use in business cases to illustrate ROI and business value of customer experience management. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Creating measurement strategy in support of broader business goals and CX strategy
  • Quantifying business value and ROI of investing in customer experience
  • Driving executive support and engagement in CX metrics and results
  • Dashboards and tracking statistical, operational, customer, and financial performance
  • Indexes such as Net Promoter Score® and customer lifetime value

5) Customer Experience Design, Improvement & Innovation covers practices and approaches to continuously improve, design and differentiate customer experiences. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Using customer insights to define and prioritize moments of truth and opportunities for improvement
  • Facilitating and sustaining cross-organizational action of key CX improvements
  • Establishing design thinking, customer-centered design, iterative ideation and prototyping (agile)
  • Innovating customer value across the customer journey and touch-points

6) VoC, Customer Insights & Understanding covers building collective insight into customer needs, wants, perceptions and preferences through the capture and analysis of customers’ voice. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Design and implement a portfolio of company-initiated and customer-initiated voice of customer
  • Selecting scales, indexes such as NPS®, and other VoC design and reporting decisions
  • Statistical practices of sampling, correlation, regression, confidence, validity, reliability, etc.
  • Single view and 360-degree view of customers, customer lifetime value, root cause analysis, predictive analytics

Billed once per month until cancelled

2 choices for certificates:
CCXP (via and/or Customer Excellence Topic Mastery Certificate
CCXP Certification        Customer Experience Certificate

Customer Experience Excellence Topic Mastery Certificate is earned by successfully answering the 6 competencies’ topic mastery scenario questions. It is awarded independently by Lynn Hunsaker of ClearAction Continuum, who is a CXPA Recognized Training Provider.

Billed once per month until cancelled

Exciting news: CXPA is now offering the CCXP exam online, from the convenience of your home or office.

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