Customer Experience 101Explore the keys to 5 fundamentals for customer experience management success:
1) What is Customer Experience?
2) Why Manage Customer Experience?
3) What is Customer Experience Management?
4) What are Tools for Managing Customer Experience?
5) Who Should Lead Customer Experience Management?

This 58-minute self-paced online course has narrated slides you can access anytime with no expiration. It includes 7 exercises to help you absorb knowledge and begin your plan for accelerating customer experience excellence. This training is suitable for seasoned executives and employees at any stage of their career in any functional area, and customer experience professionals alike.

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Learn the basics of customer experience management: what it is, why it matters, how to develop your strategy, and how to accelerate lasting results.

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“A very good overview of CX management processes”

“This course would be very good for someone who is just starting to figure out what customer experience management is or someone who wants a general idea, like a CEO”

“Course content is overall excellent”

“High level enough for those just diving into CX (101 level) or that have been involved but need more information and an understanding of lifecycle, tools, process, etc.”

“Very clear delivery – I felt the definitions were called out and the focus on them is what the student takes from the course – a true understanding of what means what”

“Descriptions of the tools provide enough insight for someone to be able to tell if it it’s useful and make a good starting point for exploring those ideas further”

“The slide deck is important in this presentation – the way it builds on the topics and flows makes it very easy to follow and gives the right amount of detail”

“I thought this was extremely well done and delivered with a lot of clarity”

“Slide transitions and information flow kept attention and some specific thing could be taken from every slide or topic”

“I look forward to more training opportunities and targeting some things to my team of experts”

This course was created by Lynn Hunsaker (CCXP) who led customer experience transformation for many years at Fortune-250 companies. She also created and taught college courses for 5 years at San Jose State University, Mission College, and University of California-Berkeley Extension. She is 1 of 5 Hall of Fame authors at, sharing wisdom that she learned during 25 years working in the customer experience profession.

Lynn Hunsaker is an Recognized Resource & Training provider for the Customer Experience Professional Association’s Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential.

  • Build common language, shared vision, and collective capability of your team
  • Zero-in on any subset of this course, or the whole body of knowledge
  • Tailor examples and examples to your industry and company
  • Small group application or gamification after every 20 minutes of instruction
  • Learn from instructor’s career in a role like yours, with in-depth exercise feedback
  • Gauge your knowledge via topic mastery questions for ClearAction certificates

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  • Deep-dive into any part of the course to apply it to your business situations
  • Participants may be from any managerial specialty
  • Implement the outputs immediately

Let us know: business goal, number of participants, job levels, topic familiarity, location(s), and timing.

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ClearAction’s CXM 101 course is the quickest way to gain a firm, accurate, and actionable understanding of customer experience and customer experience management: 58 minutes.

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