Insights and recommendations on 1) key drivers in the journey from MO inception to maturity in best practices, 2) relationship of formal MO Reviews to success of the MO function, 3) scope of MO practices across company characteristics, and 4) success factors and obstacles to progress for the MO function.

ClearAction Continuum believes that MO is generally defined too narrowly and that a too-limited scope inhibits both the power and productivity that a company could otherwise realize. When too narrowly defined, the overall Marketing function is short-changed relative to the potential value-add of its MO practices. These areas address the entire discipline of MO:

Strategy: fact-based decision making
Guidance: competency development, marketing governance
Process: LEAN Enterprise, Six Sigma, supply chain
Metrics: customer profitability, predictive analytics, enterprise metrics alignment
Technology: enterprise marketing management, portfolio management
Ecosystem: key drivers (change management, shared vision) that enable a Marketing organization’s successful collaboration and alignment with key stakeholders

It is important to emphasize that none of these strategies or focus areas should be implemented in isolation, positioned as “magic bullets” or “quick fixes” or be viewed from a *=”one-size-fits-all” perspective.

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