KPI Training

Giving metrics the right visibility, transparency, motivations and rewards may be your most decisive choices in driving performance momentum, customer value, and enterprise growth.

Key performance indicators should focus attention of executives and teams on leading indicators of customer behaviors and business growth.

    • Leading indicators are KPIs that you see before stakeholders do. They’re workflow metrics that empower teams with crystal-clear clarity on how they can make a difference that customers will reward.
    • Indexes like Ease-of-Doing-Business or CX Value Quotient to track value to customers — particularly useful for strategic trade-off decisions to optimize differentiation and growth.
    • Ease-of-Work goes hand-in-hand with Ease-of-Doing-Business. How are you measuring employees’ likelihood of delivering smooth customer experiences?
    • Customer lifetime value compels managers to act on customer insights. It reveals the size of your business at-risk or at-opportunity, and how many resources to dedicate. It’s powerful in balancing short-term and long-term decisions. It’s useful for decisions by product management and many more. It indicates both revenue and profit growth.

In this live webinar KPI training, we’ll explore a sampling of your indexes and key performance indicators. We’ll share case studies and best practices for up-leveling your KPIs. You’ll discover how to ensure they’re true leading indicators, useful for driving differentiation and growth. You’ll learn how to make them more actionable and accountable. With this KPI training, we’ll steer you in the right direction for ensuring your focus is on true root causes best suited to move the needle in business growth.

3-hour course customized to you, via video conference
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