Handbook for developing metrics for any type of management goals: customer experience, marketing, operations, finance, HR, and so forth. How to link key performance indicators, develop a balanced scorecard, and focus on leading indicators to drive performance management.

How to create success metrics for all levels and functions throughout the company. A straightforward guide to practical worksheets and guidelines.

  • How to choose actionable and predictive metrics as leading indicators of your overall objectives.
  • Setup key performance indicators, measurement dashboards, balanced scorecards, and management tools for follow-through and accountability.
  • Track hard-to-quantify goals.
  • Monitor root causes of symptom-level problems or opportunities, and manage corresponding levers of skills, resources, stakeholders and culture.
  • Applies to any use of metrics, whether for business, government, education, non-profit, entrepreneurship or personal goals.
  • Learn how to monitor the actionable metrics that are predictive of big-picture goals.
  • Improve your ability to predict outcomes, course-correct mid-stream, motivate desired behaviors, and earn needed resources and clout.

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