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This class is great for ANYONE wanting to influence customer-centric culture, leapfrog CX norms, and/or prep for the CCXP exam. Get online quiz game, recorded class, reading recommendations, exercises, and follow-up with instructor.

Free to buyers of ClearAction’s CCXP course or ClearAction Value Exchange: RSVP to Success@ClearAction.com.

Register for one or any combination of dates that work best for you:

Fridays — 3:30-5 PM ET

September 11 — Design & Improvement

September 18 — Voice of the Customer & Insights

NOTE: This schedule was setup by participant request. If you want new dates/times, let us know at Success@ClearAction.com



Our “up-level mindset”method is based on years of experimentation in college courses and corporate training in what sticks best for exam success and real-life application. Participants from 50+ countries have enrolled in this course to deepen and broaden their CX know-how. See “Praise for this Class” for examples of participants’ experience.

  • Live delivery of any or all modules
  • Ask questions and get answers real-time
  • Compare notes with other participants
  • Practice questions: multiple choice, true-false, topic mastery scenarios
  • Recommended reading and case studies
  • Also get recorded course and quizzes immediately upon registration, no expiration
  • Get 15% discount code for first-time CXPA membership

Lynn Hunsaker

The Customer Experience Excellence course was created by Lynn Hunsaker (CCXP) who led customer experience transformation for many years at Fortune-250 companies as Head of Global Quality, Strategic Information Manager, Voice of Customer Manager, and Marketing Director. She has created and taught 22 college courses on marketing, advertising and business at San Jose State University, Mission College and University of California Berkeley Extension and Santa Cruz Extension. She is co-founder of the ClearAction Value Exchange with revolutionary methods for real-time skill development and application. Lynn conducted the world’s first global B2B customer experience practices study, which she led from 2010-2014. She was #1 Author of the Year in 2015 and 2017 and one of five Hall of Fame authors at CustomerThink.com, sharing new wisdom that she learned during 25 years working in the customer experience profession.

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These topics are available in live classes or self-paced recordings:

1) Customer-Centric Culture covers behaviors, practices and standards that encourage all employees to focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences. Emphasis is on:

  • Definitions: customer, customer experience, customer experience management, customers’ jobs-to-be-done
  • Best practices for cultivating a customer-focused culture
  • Engaging “hearts and minds” of an organization across employee groups
  • Aligning employee behavior with customer-focused culture
  • CXM glossary and maturity model

2) Customer Experience Organizational Adoption & Accountability covers how to drive change and develop cross-organizational accountability for customer experience performance, from the C-suite to the customer-facing team members. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Communicating the importance of customer experience and corresponding strategy
  • Aligning business goals and decision criteria with customer-focused culture
  • Prioritizing initiatives based on customer experience data
  • Reporting CX data to different audiences to compel action
  • Influencing and relationship skills to lead and sustain cross-functional efforts, collaboration
  • Applying techniques from change management, process improvement and project management for CX improvement momentum
  • Monitoring employee engagement metrics tied to CX performance

3) Customer Experience Strategy covers how to create strategy that describes the intended customer experience, its linkage to corporate strategy and its alignment with the organization’s brand values & attributes. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Communicating the importance of the customer experience strategy to deliver the organization’s business goals
  • Engaging the executive suite in CX strategy design and execution
  • Applying CX insights to business strategy frameworks, and vice versa
  • Translating corporate strategy into well-defined customer experience strategies and programmatic efforts
  • Building and benchmarking CXM maturity
  • Establishing branded customer experience

4) Customer Experience Metrics, Measurement & ROI covers creation and reporting of the measures of customer experience success, and use in business cases to illustrate ROI and business value of customer experience management. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Creating measurement strategy in support of broader business goals and CX strategy
  • Quantifying business value and ROI of investing in customer experience
  • Driving executive support and engagement in CX metrics and results
  • Dashboards and tracking statistical, operational, customer, and financial performance
  • Indexes such as Net Promoter Score® and customer lifetime value

5) Customer Experience Design, Improvement & Innovation covers practices and approaches to continuously improve, design and differentiate customer experiences. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Using customer insights to define and prioritize moments of truth and opportunities for improvement
  • Facilitating and sustaining cross-organizational action of key CX improvements
  • Establishing design thinking, customer-centered design, iterative ideation and prototyping (agile)
  • Innovating customer value across the customer journey and touch-points

6) VoC, Customer Insights & Understanding covers building collective insight into customer needs, wants, perceptions and preferences through the capture and analysis of customers’ voice. Emphasis is on keys to:

  • Design and implement a portfolio of company-initiated and customer-initiated voice of customer
  • Selecting scales, indexes such as NPS®, and other VoC design and reporting decisions
  • Statistical practices of sampling, correlation, regression, confidence, validity, reliability, etc.
  • Single view and 360-degree view of customers, customer lifetime value, root cause analysis, predictive analytics


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