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Colleagues from all areas of your company need to stay focused on customer experience implications of their daily handoffs and decisions.

How can you make it fun for colleagues to stay engaged in customer experience excellence?

Join this short session to learn techniques you can apply now — from inspiring examples and fellow participants in the Value Exchange.

A Webcast Conversation is fun:
> See a provocative idea or technique described in 5 minutes
> Get 5 minutes to discuss it with fellow participants
> Repeat for 3 ideas/techniques total
> Use your event action template to adopt the ideas on-the-job now

Value Exchange Ease of WorkThis is a ClearAction Value Exchange member event. You get an action plan template to apply insights in your job right away. ClearAction Value Exchange comprises hundreds of resources in an array of formats: interactive templates called Solve-SpacesTM, case studies, videos, articles, podcasts, infographics, how-to guides, peer Q&A, and more. The ClearAction Value Exchange provides mission-critical skills for stewards of customer intelligence: CX, Customer/Care and Marketing professionals.

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