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Introducing the Experience Value Exchange!

It’s for departments that own customer intelligence — marketing, customer experience, customer success, customer care, partner management, and employee experience. The future success of your firm and your customer experience team roles is assured by using customer intelligence for enterprise-wide nimbleness. Your role is vital to customer value growth and you can do much more.

To drive customer-centered nimbleness, your extended customer experience team needs to know how to:
1. Align motivations
2. Foster mutual respect
3. Drive commitments
4. Facilitate company-wide use of customer insights
5. Instill customer lifetime value mindsets
6. Influence customer-centered actions

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Experience Value Exchange Team Sport

The Experience Value Exchange shows your extended customer experience team how to rethink your approach and influence cross-org collaboration that resolves and prevents thorny issues. This saves everyone money, time, reputation, turnover, and opportunities. This differentiates you, gives your brand magnetic attraction, and sustains higher revenue growth.


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When you overcome “Jenga habits” in your business, your customer experience achievements will become far more profitable and enjoyable for everyone! The Experience Value Exchange shows you how.

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