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While digitalization is a blessing to businesses, is it the right starting point or emphasis for your management of customer, employee, and partner experience? Hear how to decide what’s best for your organization and how to rally management to your best path for 2023! See more at ClearAction.com

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Thursday 5:30 PM-6:00 PM LA = Friday 12:30 PM Sydney = 9:30 AM Manila = 7:00 AM Mumbai.

CX Day’s most recent theme was “CX is a Team Sport”, and that prompted this award series. In a team sport, every player has a vital role toward winning. Same for organizations of all kinds: every person can help or hinder Customer Experience, Employee Experience, or Partner Experience. You rely on these 3 groups to create and deliver value for revenue growth. So, it makes sense to influence every group in your enterprise ecosystem to increase Ease of Business and Ease of Work.

CX Team Sport Awards are given for these 6 categories:

A) Ease of Business
(1) Lifetime Value Mindset
(2) Customer-Centered Action
(3) Enterprise Use of Insights

B) Ease of Work
(4) Aligned Motivations
(5) Respecting Interdependencies
(6) Consistency to Intentions

(see last week’s session: https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6994014090855690242/)

Lynn Hunsaker is a CXPA Recognized Training Provider, so you can count your time with ClearAction resources as CCXP Renewal Credits (CRCs).

This mini-webinar series is your introduction to the Experience Value Exchange!

It’s for departments that own customer intelligence — marketing, customer experience, customer success, customer care, partner management, and employee experience.

To drive customer-centered nimbleness, your extended customer experience team needs to know how to:
1. Align motivations
2. Foster mutual respect
3. Drive commitments
4. Facilitate company-wide use of customer insights
5. Instill customer lifetime value mindsets
6. Influence customer-centered actions

The Experience Value Exchange shows your extended experience management team how to rethink your approach and influence cross-org collaboration that resolves and prevents thorny issues. This saves everyone money, time, reputation, turnover, and opportunities. This differentiates you, gives your brand magnetic attraction, and sustains revenue growth.

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