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Siloed mindsets are kryptonite for seamless customer experiences. Smooth customer-touchpoints go beyond customer-facing groups’ collaboration. Policies, data, workflows, handoffs and collaboration across non-customer-facing groups can have just as much impact — or more.

Siloed mindsets impact your own day-to-day job satisfaction, productivity and strategic impact. How can you influence shared outlooks and motivations? How can you encourage ongoing follow-through?

Brad NelsonJoin this Fireside Chat — Brad Nelson’s interview with host Diane Magers — to get new ideas for what works well in marketing and customer experience/care/success roles, and to share your observations and ideas. Brad is Vice President of Business Operations & Process Re-Engineering at JP Morgan & Chase. Taming siloed mindsets has been the hallmark of his business transformation roles at Morgan Stanley’s Saxon Mortgage, ADP, HP, Citigroup, Blockbuster, Gateway Computers, and GE Capital. He taught cross-functional collaboration and related topics for 3 years at the Business Leadership Center of SMU Cox School of Business. Diane is past CEO of CXPA and CX strategist at AT&T and Sysco; she speaks and teaches frequently at CX, UX and DX conferences globally.

Thursday, February 20th
10-10:30 AM US Eastern time zone
via Zoom web conference
Value ExchangeThis is a ClearAction Value Exchange member event. A Fireside Chat is live talk show, via Zoom, where the audience can post questions to help shape the conversation and take-aways. You get an action plan template to apply insights in your job right away. ClearAction Value Exchange provides mission-critical skills for stewards of customer intelligence: CX, Customer Success, Customer Care and Marketing professionals.

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