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This semi-annual event is a series of 20-minute member-sharing sessions.


Thursday, December 12th
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1) CX Correlation: What Drives Advocacy? – Jim Bass 9:30 AM ET

2) CX Correlation: What Drives Advocacy? – Bob Hayes 3:00 PM ET

3) Motivating CX Adoption – Diane Magers 3:30 PM ET

4) Giving Voice to Values – Andy Rudin & Erin Wallace panel discussion 4:00 PM ET

5) Tech Stack for Customer Success & CX – Anita Brearton & Mark Byrne panel discussion 4:30 PM ET


Note: 9 a.m. NYC = 15:00 Amsterdam = 14:00 London = 6:00 Los Angeles
Note: 7 p.m. NYC = 4 p.m. Los Angeles = 10 a.m. Sydney


20-minute sessions start at the half-hour (10-minute breaks)
via Zoom web conference


Value ExchangeJoin this Virtual Conference to get new ideas for what works well in marketing and customer experience/care/success roles, and to share your observations and ideas.

This is a ClearAction Value Exchange member event. All recordings will be accessible through the members-only portal. For each session, you get an action plan template to apply insights on-the-job same-day. Request a guest pass!

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