How to Collect Voice of Customer? Ask for feedback only as often as changes occur in customers’ expectations or in solving a prevalent customer issue.

Use customer insights (a) to educate all groups in your company of their performance standards based on customer expectations, (b) to prevent recurrence of prevalent customer issues, and (c) to check customer acknowledgement of issue resolution trends you’re tracking internally.

1) Allow customers to give feedback anytime, anywhere, any way they prefer.
a) Make a QR code or URL available everywhere possible to encourage customers to initiate feedback.
b) Enable customers to give feedback in any format: photo, video, verbal, written, or ratings.

2) Act on almost-free VoC before requesting customer feedback. Almost-free VoC is customer-initiated feedback from their interactions with your service, success, sales, and marketing organizations, alliance partners, and channel partners.

3) Invest in text-mining and similar software capabilities to make the greatest use of almost-free VoC.

4) Use wisdom you’ve gained from almost-free VoC to expand depth or breadth of insights from other unstructured feedback sources such as customer advisory boards, user groups, front-line listening and executive listening sessions, and so on.

5) Use wisdom you’ve gained from all the above to expand depth or breadth of insights from transaction surveys and relationship surveys.

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