How to Increase Customer Experience Scores? The prerequisite for sustainable improvement of survey scores is to act systemically on what customers have told you. Systemic action is resolution of root causes, to prevent recurrence of an issue. By taking systemic action, you’ll save time and resources for your own company and for customers, earning ongoing rewards from both existing and new customers.

  1. Conduct a correlation analysis between an independent variable (e.g. loyalty, NPS, likely to rebuy, overall satisfaction) and each dependent variable (e.g. survey ratings of user-friendliness, knowledgeability, responsiveness, etc.). The highest correlation coefficients are key drivers.
  2. Conduct a Pareto analysis of each key driver. Rank-order the frequency of themes related to the key driver (e.g. from customer comments, returned materials, inquiries, complaints, or other operational data). The top themes that total 80% of all themes are your vital few improvement priorities, whereas the rest of the themes are the useful many areas for quick wins. All of the themes are symptoms of a root cause.
  3. Quantify the monetary impact of the vital few themes: how much are these themes costing customers? how much are they costing your company? how much revenue is represented by the affected customers? Any data you have will be useful — just explain that this is the tip of the iceberg. Share this monetary report with executives to stimulate their passion for driving improvement.
  4. Conduct a root cause analysis of each vital few theme. Ask “why are we allowing this to happen?” Typically, the answer to the 5th round of this question is the true root cause. This is what team members should focus on improving!
  5. Identify a metric you can track for this root cause. It must be an internal metric that predicts the symptom. Accordingly, this internal metric will be predictive of customer experience scores and financial performance.

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