What is a CX Leading Indicator? Leading indicators are what you control and see before customers experience it.

  • How you’re thinking, doing, and handing off your work outputs.
  • How you’re mistake-proofing outputs that customers will experience.

By improving workflow outcomes, tw telecom achieved 27% reduced customer churn, 65% increased Net Promoter Score®, and 20% better performance than competitors in sales, purchasing, ordering, installation, billing, service inquiry, maintenance and account management processes.


  1. What are the top prevalent issues? (loyalty correlation)
  2. What are they saying about it?
  3. What are the top 80% themes? (80/20 rule)
  4. What is the root cause? (5 why’s)
  5. How will you eradicate the root cause?
  6. How can you monitor this?

This monitor becomes the leading indicator of what they will soon experience, how they will rate it, and financial results.


  • % of field engineers certified to top competency
  • % of knowledge database updates before product launch
  • % of work double-checked before releasing
  • % reduction in internal cycle time


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