almost free vocWhat is almost-free VoC? Almost-free VoC is customer insights volunteered by customers or collected in your processes to conduct business. Almost-free VoC is like “cash in the attic” ready to inspire your firm.

Opportunities for almost-free VoC:

1. Encourage everyone to read customer comments.

  • Make comments the highlight of your VoC reports.
  • Feature a customer comment/story daily on your Intranet.
  • Share comments that can be meeting agenda items.
  • Stream relevant comments to groups originating issues.

2. Create a central repository.

  • Allow all formats of customer feedback to be stored.
  • Motivate customers and employees to share anything anytime.
  • Include customer research done by others: Marketing, R&D, etc.
  • Include digital customer data (CRM, loyalty, apps, etc., etc.)
  • Conduct focus groups or similar quarterly/etc.
    • with customer-facing people
    • with executive counterparts

3. Maximize data mining: text, voice, video.

  • Look for patterns that stimulate fresh thinking
    • for every process,  policy, strategy
    • for every work group

Best ways to use surveys:

1. Ask what you don’t know after learning from almost-free VoC
2. Validate whether customers notice changes you’re making
3. Fine-tune alignment of processes and policies to customers


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