What’s the Best Way to Improve Partner Experience? There are 3 levels of partner experience improvement: resolve the instance, prevent recurrence, and prevent occurrence.

1) Listen to partners. What’s costing them the most worry, time, and resources? These are your top improvement priorities.

2) For greater clarity, ask partners to rate various aspects of their realities, plus an overall loyalty question.

a) Then conduct a correlation analysis to identify which PX aspect is strongly correlated with overall loyalty.

b) Next, conduct a Pareto analysis to identify which subthemes of that PX aspect are the vital few contributors to partners’ grief.

c) Then conduct a 5-why’s analysis to identify the root cause of the vital few subthemes. Make a plan to prevent the root cause!

d) Maintain high visibility of each action plan: review in staff meetings, ops reviews, senior execs’ preparation for analyst calls, etc.

You may find this recipe sufficient for driving significant changes and PX ROI. Journey mapping is optional, not required.

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