ClearAction Value Exchange

ClearAction Value Exchange

Team Subscription Invoice

Select your 14-month, 15-month or 16-month subscription plus complimentary coaching sessions with a ClearAction Advisory team member plus a generous discount as shown for payment (click "Total" in table for credit card portal) or purchase order (USD $) received by by the date shown. After July 31st, list price will apply.

Payment or purchase order by: Extended Annual Subscription Plus Free ClearAction Advisory Coaching Total Discount from List Price ($11,700)
25 Seats
Total Discount from List Price ($2,970)
5 Seats
July 31
+2 months 2 hours 19% =
$9528 Total
23% =
$2291 Total


ClearAction Value Exchange fast-tracks customer-management team effectiveness:

  1. Member Portal
    • Learning path-oriented to show progress toward goal achievement.
    • Personalized content and product recommendations based upon member's profile.
    • Role and interaction-specific Open Forum discussion topics.
    • Self-discovery and collaboration with other company and Exchange members.
    • 6 Themes: 1. Getting & Keeping Customers, 2. Driving Growth & Innovation, 3. Data & Metrics that Work, 4. Creativity within Boundaries, 5. Driving Accountability & Commitment, 6. Getting Everyone on the Same Page.
    • Array of Insights Vault resources, Webcast ConversationsTM and other ways to adopt new techniques in 30-minute bites on average.


  2. Solve-SpacesTM
    • Theme-based instructional modules designed to rapidly learn and apply new skills.
    • Emphasis on cross-functional interactions and communications.
    • Information easily shared with peers — same-day application of new skills.
    • Fast-track MP3 and templates compliment interactive scenario format for learning preferences and actionability.


  3. Executive Dashboard
    • Activity-based roll-up association to top-level quarterly business objectives.
    • Double-click drill down into Exchange activity that associates individual member contribution to improving team objectives.
    • Cause-and-effect analysis of improvement in team-based interactions and impact on company's business outcomes.


  4. Coaching hours from ClearAction Advisory team, which consists of former VPs and Senior Directors of Fortune 500 companies with long CXM pedigrees in driving cultural transformation and performance growth. Access our coaching for any of the following topics:
    • Human-Centered Design
    • Employee Engagement: Make a CX Difference
    • Systematic Voice-of-Customer Actioning
    • Internal Customers' Experience Management
    • Voice-of-Customer Modernization
    • Dashboards Connecting Ops, CX & Results
    • Customer Experience Strategy
    • Employee Experience Simplification
    • CX Expectations Segments & Personas
    • Internal Branding for CX Movement
    • CX Journey Mapping for Action & Growth
    • CX Management Maturity Roadmap
    • Customer Engagement Optimization
    • Marketing Management Maturity Roadmap