Customer Value Performance


Customer Excellence DNATM

Brands admired for consistently stellar customer experience (CX) performance have established crystal clear characterization of intentional customer experience, and they are adamant about using this characterization as their guiding light and benchmark for everything they do.

You can inject this into your company DNA by establishing this vital backbone:


Make a quick guesstimate of the percentage of your contact center calls, churn, sales cycle delays, escalations and negative word-of-mouth attributed to issues originating among your non-customer-facing disciplines. You can redirect 25-50% of that to higher value endeavors in perpetuity, essentially creating a CX annuity through Customer Excellence DNA™.

Silo-taming: brand-customer silos, C-suite silos, CX management silos, CX maturity silos, touchpoint/non-customer-facing silos, metric silos, incentive silos, CX actioning silos.