Customer Value Performance Skills

ClearAction Value Exchange is like a mentor with 24x7 availability. It’s real-time professional development for Marketing/CX roles' influence of customer-centric collaboration and efficiency -- instrumental in realizing full potential of your CX/Marketing tech investments.

Game-changer for personal growth and department-wide strategic impact:

  • Mission-critical resource for workforce of the future.
  • Focused talent-building in marketing and customer experience/success/care.
  • DIY or expert-led, individual or in groups.
  • Personalized learning path in curated "My Exchange".
  • Quick personalized solutions (20-40 minutes).
  • Expedites collective capability.
  • Appeals to VP-level, mid-level, new grad level.
  • Short formats for any style or situation: video, audio, interactive, templates, case studies, training, slide decks, study highlights, infographics, how-to guides.
  • Complementary to existing resources:
    • #1 focus: tackling intersections of disparate people and things.
    • #2 focus: up-leveling sophistication of CX/Marketing craft.
  • Affordable: $49 pp/month, volume discount at 25+ seats from $39 pp/month and lower
  • SaaS for 24/7 mobile access, plus in-person Interactions.

Silo-taming: cross-organizational initiatives, customer intelligence, customer relationships, agency relationships, alliance relationships, marketing management, customer experience management, customer success management, customer care management.