Journey Map ROI Skills

For journey map ROI, aim first for journey management

For customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), partner experience (PX) journey map ROI.

This is Train-the-Trainer: you learn how to lead journey map ROI using dummy data or your own data

Live remote workshop (4 two-hour sessions) or in-person workshop (2 days)

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In this Journey Map ROI Facilitator course, you’ll get:

  • Non-transferrable lifetime license.
  • A workbook to guide you through this in our class and every time you plan a workshop.
  • Guidance in identifying intended outcomes (jobs-to-be-done).
  • Coaching in developing a JTBD persona and journey map.
  • Exercises to inspire Ask, Absorb, Adopt.
  • Templates for Apply, Account, Applaud.
  • Stakeholder analysis walk-through for high-ROI facilitation.
  • Expert advice for planning, facilitation, and change management.
  • PowerPoint slides for your future workshops.
  • Self-assessments for workshop facilitation readiness.

ClearAction worked with Thomson Reuters on several occasions. Because they managed CX in the B2B space for years, they could provide us with examples and stories to which we could easily relate. They offered practical tools we could implement right away. It was incredibly beneficial for us to work with ClearAction. They elevated our collective CX knowledge and helped us achieve a higher level of CX maturity.

Alice Chu, CCXP, Director of Customer Experience, Thomson Reuters

Lynn is a seasoned CX professional. She spoke to sound theory and powerful practical examples from her own experience that really help land the points on how to drive business results through customer experience programs.

Jacqueline Mueller, CCXP, Senior Vice President, Client Insight, SMG

I’ve had the opportunity to work with ClearAction Continuum on several projects. They are very dependable, detail oriented and have an extremely high sense of integrity. There’s no question they will do what’s needed to ensure the work is done correctly and the client’s best needs are taken into account.

Linda Popky, Strategic Development Board, Watermark

The customer experience management field and role is exciting, dynamic and complex, requiring many skills and competencies. ClearAction puts expert knowledge to great use to make sure no important detail gets left behind. They share their years of experience in clear, concise, compelling and useful ways.

Desirree Madison-Biggs, CCXP, Former Chairperson of the Board, CXPA
James Dodkins

ClearAction clearly, calmly and concisely communicates ideas in ways that stick in your brain and make you look at the work you’re doing in different ways.

James Dodkins, Pegasystems
Rolu Adebola

ClearAction is a trail-blazer and an impactful leader in the development of the CX practice globally.

Rolu Adebola, Diversiboard

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