ClearAction Value Exchange

ClearAction Value Exchange is for busy CMOs and CCOs who want fast and proven knowledge transfer without the high cost of traditional training. Unlike consulting services or free social mashup sources, our platform is curated and managed by top industry professionals who've successfully helped hundreds of Fortune 100+ companies streamline communications, actions, and profits.

The Value Exchange is like a personalized, living, breathing, mentor who can work with you at any level and help you improve. It's a mentor who allows for discovery, experimentation, new perspectives, advice, and implementation.

It's designed to flow across the entire customer continuum and:

  • Improve agility through company-wide involvement in business intelligence & customer profitability
  • Achieve alignment by accelerating customers’ buying process and scaling to stakeholder’s needs
  • Demonstrate accountability by executing marketing strategy and measuring return on marketing investment
  • Allow stimulation to think of ideas directly beneficial to your marketing and customer experience
  • Quickly solve elusive marketing and customer experience issues
  • Gain new perspectives that immediately break you out of the "continue to do what we’ve always done" mind set
  • Get access to efficiency and effectiveness tools and guidance on how to use them effectively
  • Allow marketing and customer experience professionals to discover a new approach within 20 minutes, for immediate on-the-job application (potential same-day pilots)
  • Enable rapid internal socialization and adoption of an idea since marketing and customer experience professionals at all levels can login and self-discover how the approach applies to them (WIIFM)
  • Peer commentary and peer discussions (impromptu and scheduled: virtual taskforces, community calls, and webcasts) take place on secure platforms
  • Groom managers for advancement by exposing them to top executive thought and processes
  • Improve capabilities of solution providers, agencies, consultants, and contractors for effective partnering
  • Allow for anonymous or self-identified participation
  • Interact with peers without external pressure
  • In-person roundtables, conferences and workshops which might also be accessed remotely

Inside the Exchange we’ll reveal the ideas, strategies, tactics and expertise that will guide your team to faster results.

This isn't canned content. This is live, collaborative and actionable expertise that is distributed in a focused, meaningful way.

It's member-led and member-driven which means ownership, pride and accomplishment.

Yes, the member must be a self-starter. But then again, if they’re not, they have no place on your team. We’ll guide but not hand-hold. This feature alone helps you quickly identify those who are onboard with your organization’s mission.

We're speaking from experience. We walk our talk and have been using the exact strategies and methodologies to get results for our clients for over 10 years. It works.

It's not static though. It’s evolving. It’s ongoing. It’s a living, breathing source that continues to gather the expertise needed to get results.


Joining the ClearAction Value Exchange community is like having the world's largest laboratory equipped with the smartest minds and most supportive environment.

All resources are directed at you — guiding, nurturing, challenging, expecting, encouraging — all with the single intent to drive results and build a customer first organization.

Who should
join ClearAction Value Exchange?

Inside the Exchange you’ll find members from every corner of the marketing and customer experience world. They are people like:

CMOs — Chief Marketing Officers who are tasked with generating revenue from customer acquisition, maximizing ROI of resources and increasing brand equity.

CCO — Chief Customer Experience Officers who are tasked with customer retention, share of wallet growth and customer advocacy.

Marketing and Customer Experience Leaders who are tasked with delivering on quarterly KPIs and getting optimal performance from each team member.

Marketing and Customer Experience Professionals who are tasked with the functional execution of the organization’s overall strategy.

Marketing and customer experience agencies, consultancies, solution providers, and freelancers across all industries, geographies and sizes who are tasked with turning prospective customers into advocates and sustaining growth.

Subject Matter Experts from every industry who can provide valuable insights as they share their knowledge in ways that would not be available to outsiders.

When you join ClearAction Value Exchange, you'll become part of a remarkable community of like-minded people at all levels in the customer value continuum — from C-Level experts who have years of experience and secrets to share, to newcomers searching for support, ideas, guidance, roadmaps, solutions and a safe environment to speak out and learn.

Value Exchange

Inside the Exchange, every member will have access to:


  • Open Forum
  • Solve Spaces
  • Secure Company Specific Collaboration Spaces
  • SIG Spaces (Special Interest Groups)


  • Webcast Conversations
  • Taskforces
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Community Calls


  • Roundtables
  • Member Exchange Events
  • Planning Committees
  • Leadership Board

Get Access Today

ClearAction Value Exchange is available to your organization on a subscription basis. We have flexible plans that comfortably fit your budget and growth needs.

Call us today at 800-848-6544 to learn more or click here to send us your information, and we'll contact you.

One of the most interesting facets of the ClearAction Value Exchange is the opportunity to bring together thoughtful professionals and readily have small discussion groups.


It's promising to finally have an online marketing operations community to share best practices across industries.


This is a breakthrough to be able to do things in small bites, 20 minutes.


ClearAction Continuum is one of the quintessential pioneers in defining exactly what Marketing Operations is and should be. The firm and its research have helped me countless times as I established Marketing Operations at Walmart. They have helped justify and quantify the need for Marketing Operations in order to improve efficiencies and elevate Marketing’s stature across the enterprise.


ClearAction Continuum has parlayed the insights from the trenches into a grand view of Marketing Operations. Unlike typical pundits, they undertook the arduous and expensive task to interviewing and surveying stakeholders in the field of Marketing Operations, developing an uncanny, bottom-up realistic, pragmatic, and detail-oriented framework of current-state operations and how innovation leaders can pioneer new levels of integrated Marketing Operations. They’ve equipped marketing executives in transitioning into more effective operations management of marketing.