Tips and techniques for creating customer defection erasers.

C-Level Executives

When it comes to delivering better margins, it’s not hard to understand the advantages of keeping profitable customers.

$1 of new revenue might add 1 to 3 cents to the bottom line.
$1 saved, adds $1 to the bottom line.

So, what would every CEO, CFO, CMO or CXO love to have?

How about a Customer Defection Eraser! A proven, repeatable process for reducing customer defection and acquiring profitable new customers. Not some expensive software that defines problems and endlessly slices and dices data, or anemic customer service programs. No. No. No.

You want your customer defection eraser to overcome the defection before it can begin.

If you’re all in with this idea, we have some excellent news.

You already have a Customer Defection Eraser. You’ve been paying for it every single day since the company’s inception.

It’s your employees.

The only problem you may have is one of perception.

It could be that your employees don’t see themselves as the Customer Defection Erasers they are. They may only see themselves as their functional titles — Product Manager, Data Analyst, Marketing Manager, etc.

And, as long as they can only see through the narrow lens of their role or KPIs, they’ll lose the incredible opportunity they have to add value to their customers and profits for the company. They’ll miss their bigger purpose. And you’ll miss out on a lot of money and good will.

Updating job descriptions or sending the team to Customer Defection Eraser training will only have a marginal impact.

Changing perceptions is just like any other change. The only way it works is if:

  1. People know what’s in it for them — how they will personally benefit from being a Customer Defection Eraser, and
  2. Proof — give them proof it works by allowing them to demonstrate it for themselves.

It’s not expensive. It’s not bleeding edge technology. And it’s not a new way to mind-meld people.

It is a proven method for showing people how their actions affect others, how they can add value, and how they can enhance their careers along the way.

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