Enhance your career. Make more money. Help your customers and company.


There are three changes happening in your world today, and if you don’t understand them, you’ll be at a disadvantage and miss out.

  1. The Internet has brought companies and their customers together in an intimate way that will expose organizations who are not customer-focused.
  2. Artificial Intelligence is not going away and will displace several workers — even in customer service and customer experience.
  3. Marketing and Customer Experience functions can no longer be “fuzzy.” They must find ways to tie KPI and performance to profits.

Attracting and retaining customers is how your company generates cash. This is the cash that’s used to pay you and move the business forward.

When you create or are part of a budget, a program or some other initiative, the company essentially loans you the money to pay for those items. Now, unless it’s your dutiful-minded mother, no one loans money unless they expect to be paid back…with interest.

Your company is no exception. They loan your manager money to pay you. In return, your manager expects you to help them repay the loan by providing value beyond your paycheck. This “value beyond” is the interest on the loan.

If you had a secret weapon that allowed you to consistently deliver “value beyond,” you’d be in high demand. You’d be invited to meetings that you currently don’t know even exist. You’d be asked for your advice and to help define important strategies for your team, department and company. Your career would flourish. You’d become a highly paid expert. You’d achieve all your goals and you’d be generous in wanting others to have the same lifestyle as you.

As is the case with most “secrets,” it’s right in front of you and can easily be yours.

What is the secret?

Your customer.

Now you may think, “I’m not responsible for customers, I’m just the ________ guy/gal.” Fill in the blank with one of many things such as: data, copy, social media, pr, marketing, product, demo, etc.

And, if that’s how you think, then the power of the secret will always allude you and you’ll never become that “value beyond” success story.

Here’s the reality about customers. Customer experience is the greatest untapped source of deceased costs and increased revenue. Once you understand how you can benefit personally and your company can benefit financially from improving it, you’ll understand why it’s so powerful and why you should care.

An example will bring it all home for you.

Let’s say you are the “data analytics guy” in your organization. You’re a good employee. You get good reviews, people like you, you get stuff done. But, on the “value beyond” scale, you’re less than average. In fact, you’re pretty ho-hum. Here’s why.

You’re on the product marketing team that is responsible for launching a new release of your software. The team consists of:
Jan — Product Marketing Manager
Thomas — Marketing Director
Jenna — Content & Social Marketing
You — Data Analytics

Jan, the product manager, has been tasked with meeting the launch objectives:
License upgrades
Competitive displacements
Net new customers

The team has a 90 day performance window.

There are weekly status meetings.

You go to these meetings. You often wonder why you go and sometimes think they are just time wasters. You sit attentively. You desperately want to look at your phone but know that’s rude, and, after all, you are a good employee. So you endure. You bring your data and it’s pretty much the same thing every time.

The launch happens. There was probably an email about how it went but you didn’t really read it. You go to the next project and send the reports you’ve been asked to create and the days go on.

But, now let’s say you become aware of this “value beyond” notion. You make a decision to expand what you’re doing. You’re bored and know there has to be more for you. You love data. You love the possibilities. So you begin to talk with others. You find information, ideas and new perspectives. You visit with peers, mentors and experts. You hang out with a community of “value beyond” professionals. You attend digital events and take mini-courses, all designed to help you understand the import role you play in the lives of your customers, not to mention, your fellow team members and overall company.

You start to see your work in a different way. You learn to build sophisticated customer data models. You acquire the expertise of seasoned data scientists. You begin to make the connection with how your models and data skills can improve almost everything marketing and customer experience is doing.

You learn to collaborate with others. You learn how to present your models and solutions in ways that are meaningful for those you work with. You understand that Jenna is looking for something a little different than Thomas and you learn how to mold those needs into your results.

You learn to collaborate and effectively communicate with superiors and others outside your department. You share your ideas and listen to theirs. Those conversations lead to new insights that allow you to expand your scientific skills further.

Now you eagerly anticipate the status update meetings so you can share what you learned from your team and how it’s going to help everyone. You now see how the information you’re providing helps your team achieve their goals, but you want to go even further.

You want to help your customers help their customers. Now the data and science take on a new role and you begin to find models that support ways to help your customer’s customer. You’re able to demonstrate the benefits of your product in far-reaching, new and unique ways.

You help others in your organization see these longer-reach solutions. Their messages and campaigns begin to take on a new life too. And a whole new path is opening. You’re attracting new customers — not just from the competition but entirely new groups who could not see the value in your offer before.

You look forward to customer feedback. Eager to find even more ways to help them and their customers.

You are now a high caliber “value beyond” employee and your career takes off in ways you could not imagine before. Each day is exciting and interesting and full of newness. You cannot wait to get to work and see what fun things are in store for you today.

These “rags to riches” stories are happening all day every day. They are happening all around you. However, they only happen for a very small percentage of the population. Why? There are a zillion reasons from “I don’t think I can” to “I don’t really care that much.”

Let’s face it, people who reach the top get there by following a plan for self-development and growth.

If you are someone who wants to go further and wants to be a “value beyond” employee and person, we have an opportunity for you.

We created ClearAction Value Exchange primarily for you. We know that companies can only become customer-focused through their employees. We know this has to be a “way of being” vs. the latest corporate sponsored initiative. We know you need a place where you can learn and collaborate with peers, mentors and experts. A community where you can feel safe and ask questions. A place that meets you where you currently are in your level of mastery and brings you along to your desired level. A place where you can absorb information at your pace and in bite sized pieces.

It’s not school. It’s not training. It’s mindset and new perspectives.

Would you like a free 30-day trial membership to see if ClearAction Value Exchange is right for you?