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Disrupt the way expert advisory and best practices are delivered to CMOs and CCOs (and their teams) by enabling them to assimilate knowledge more rapidly and contextually to their businesses.

Currently, Marketing and CX leaders struggle with the “goal” of establishing a customer-centric DNA across the organization. Specifically, they have difficulty linking customer strategy and operational objectives to measurable customer outcomes, that lead to increased retention and loyalty, increased share of wallet and market share, and an increase in new customer acquisition.

This lack of customer centricity manifests itself in the organizational practices, rituals, communication and interactions that contribute to sub-optimal results and poor CX scores. As the era of digital disruption has driven an increase in customer experience expectations and a decrease in brand loyalty (particularly among Millennials), Marketing and CX leaders must find new ways of creating more engaging and connected experiences with their most valued customers. ClearAction Continuum shows them how to do this in ways that produce sustainable business results.

We do this through our advisory services and our platform, ClearAction Value Exchange.

Through the ClearAction Value Exchange, members engage in self-discovered, collaborative, virtual and in-person experiences — co-created by experts and peers — to drive sustainable results across the customer value continuum.

The entire platform is built to answer these questions:

  • How can we better leverage our most valued customer relationships to acquire new customers?
  • What specific actions can we take to get more revenue from our most valued customers?
  • How are we accelerating new product adoption among our most loyal customers?
  • What impact does customer input/feedback have on our product innovation strategies?
  • How does improvement in our CX/NPS scores directly impact our financial results?
  • How are we integrating feedback from our digital channels to improve the engagement we have with our most valued customers?
  • How are we using customer feedback to improve employee engagement in our customer service teams?
  • How are these improvements directly impacting our C-Sat/NPS scores?
  • Can we directly tie account-specific CX scores to customer lifetime value?

Discover how ClearAction Value Exchange is helping other marketing professionals answer these questions.

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