How to achieve win-win in conversations with your customers:
a) Defining Customer-Focused Communication
b) Focusing on Results
c) Revealing Customer Expectations
d) Validating Needs & Expectations
e) Managing Your Intended Outcomes

Module 1Manage Intended Outcomes
Unit 1a) Defining Customer-Focused Communication
Unit 2Exercise a) Defining Customer-Focused Communication
Unit 3b) Focus on Results
Unit 4Exercise b) Focus on Results
Unit 5c) Revealing Customer Expectations
Unit 6Exercise c) Revealing Customer Expectations
Unit 7d) Validating Needs & Expectations
Unit 8Exercise d) Validating Needs & Expectations
Unit 9e) Managing Your Intended Outcomes
Unit 10Exercise e) Managing Your Intended Outcomes
Unit 11f) Self-Assessment - Intended Outcomes
Unit 12Exercise f) Self-Assessment - Outcomes
Unit 13Exercise f) Topic Mastery - Outcomes