C-Suite customer experience guide to growth

Elevate your C-Suite customer experience wisdom

For your CEO’s direct reports (2 levels), board members, and steering committee.

“It’s exciting to see such engagement among our key leaders to drive customer first philosophy and customer experience performance.”

“I’m ecstatic that all our executives are clearly aligned for applying this in our various countries through this food for thought.”

“At the end of this session, there is genuine excitement among our core people for driving service excellence standards.”

Choose from CX Leadership topics:

C-Suite Customer Experience

A) Outside-In Business Growth

  1. Superior growth, efficiency, strategies, and performance inspired by CX.
  2. CX metrics hierarchy for operational progress,  financial ratios, prosperity.
  3. Positioning of VP-CX and VP-CS for sustained high-profit revenue growth.

B) Intentional Customer Experience

  1. Leading indicators of customer behaviors for accountability and rewards.
  2. Simplify operational focus to magnetically attract core-growth customers.
  3. Crack the glass ceiling of Forrester CX Index.

C) CX = EX = Investor Experience

  1. How to stop quiet quitting, shrinkflation, waste.
  2. Trust, partnering, interaction bridges.
  3. Internal customer experience.

2-hour session with interactive application exercises

Customized to your initiatives.

All advice is universal to customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and partner experience (PX).

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Your C-Suite customer experience leadership shapes your culture

Discover how to rapidly improve post-pandemic priorities of trust, value, respect, and values.

Inspire customer-centered efficiencies, revenue expansion, and performance companywide.

In just 2 hours, your senior leaders will be able to:

  • Guide CX, EX and PX for stronger financial growth
  • Unify language, vision, and executive sponsorship
  • Accelerate customer-centricity companywide
  • Use CX+EX insights to stimulate collaboration and differentiation
  • Connect customer experience strategy to outpace your industry

C-Suite Customer Experience Recipes

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