MO, PX, EX, CS & CX coaching elevates your success!

CX coaching rises above norms and caveats to add strategic value to your decisions

For marketing operations (MO), partner experience (PX), employee experience (EX),
customer success (CS), customer service (CS), and customer experience (CX).

Before I began working with Lynn I was spinning my wheels. I didn’t know what type of CX work I should prioritise above others. I didn’t have a clear plan of action.  The top thing I’ve gained from working with Lynn is confidence to work as a CX leader. 

I value that we can discuss any aspect of CX and Lynn provides valuable insights and suggestions that really make a difference to how I go about achieving my work and enhances the end result. 

How coaching differs from consulting:

  • You present what you’re working on.
  • All visual aids shown real-time in the call.
  • Lynn gives you on-the-spot feedback.
  • Calls are up to 90 minutes, max 2 people from your team.
  • A 90-minute session can be split into 3 separate mini sessions, etc.

You can explore best paths in these topics:

  • Experience metrics, dashboards, value
  • Experience bonuses and recognition
  • Experience deployment challenges
  • Experience strategy, culture, and adoption
  • Team setup, governance, councils, champions
  • Experience solution provider selection and management
  • Voice of the customer methodology and actionability
  • Experience intelligence and insights
  • Customer-centered marketing and processes
  • Office politics navigation, buy-in, follow-through
  • Experience improvement and innovation
  • Experience personas and journey map ROI
  • Departments’ internal customers and suppliers
  • Certification exams (CCXP, etc.)

We’re grateful to groups from these brands as ClearAction customers:

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