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Popular topics

Assumption Silos: solve inconsistent CX views and duty across functional areas.
Vision Silos: solve being out of sync with the hand that feeds you: customers, employees, and partners.
Goal Silos: solve goal outcomes that are incongruent with intentions.
Metric Silos: connect underlying factors for true metric momentum.
Handoff Silos: ensure work quality and timing matches recipients’ needs.

Channel Silos: ensure consistency among service, sales, marketing, and delivery channels.
Data Silos: overcome disparate systems with mis-matching data.
System Silos: incompatible or standalone technologies.
Process Silos: simplify complicated execution.
Organization Silos: influence coordination and collaboration.

Indispensable Value: full buy-in and appreciation.
Predict NPS/Financials: identify workflow leading indicators.
Financial Ratios: tie XM progress to ROA, EPS, CAGR, etc.
Actionability: compel and facilitate action in every report.
Value Creation: expand value in every growth endeavor.
Massive Improvements: stop recurrence of prevalent issues.
Long-Term ROI Engagement: build mutual value in every offer.

Motivation: speak the language of every work group.
Expectations Personas: guide non-customer-facing performance.
Stakeholder Personas: proactively manage internal stakeholders.
Impassion Everyone: guide every group in internal and external CX value.
Cross-org Collaboration: instill cooperation across groups.
Advocacy by CFOs: make your CFO the greatest CX advocate.
Leadership: infuse XM in leadership of every function.

End-to-End CX Strategy: excel in end-to-end CX and culture.
Self-Audit Maturity: simple path to customer-centered business.
Maturity Roadmap: achieve milestones for XM maturity now.
Cross-Pollination: propel XM maturity via lessons learned.
North Star: XM insights can guide all manager decisions.
Strategic Pillars: every objective/initiative ties to XM.
Governance: tap into built-in strengths to fast-track progress.

B2B Influencers: keep a pulse on gatekeepers and users.
B2B Strengths: shift B2B/B2B2C complexity to advantages.
B2B CX Team: structure, positioning, and skill set for fast progress.
B2B Journey Orchestration: efficient path to higher CJM gains.

This brings the group in with thought-provoking discussions where participants share real-world examples from our different histories and experiences. I appreciate the practical tools and resources explaining how to use these in greater depth.
George Bell-Uribe, Head of Customer Experience, North America, Sage

Clear Action: engage everyone in walking the talk

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