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customer experience training

Experience leadership is a team sport

Customer experience training for automatic CX excellence

“This is by far the best course available on Experience Leadership. You don’t know what you don’t know! Try this.” — Balakrishna Murthy, CCXP

Customer Experience Course for Every Manager

Customer Experience Course ClearAction

Every customer experience manager deserves to learn 2020’s methods!

Deep and clearly explained content, connecting customer and employee experience with real life scenarios to ground each aspect of the CX discipline!

Tatiana Ramirez, Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario (Panama)

Download these summaries to see how almost-automatic CX excellence can be built by your CX, CS, EX, PX, and Marketing teams!

Assess your individual and organizational skill maturity

“The customer experience management field and role is exciting, dynamic and complex, requiring many skills and competencies. ClearAction puts expert knowledge to great use to make sure no important detail gets left behind. They share their years of experience in clear, concise, compelling and useful ways.” — Desirree Madison-Biggs, CCXP

CX Skill Assessment
Customer Experience Training for CCXP & Advanced Professionals

Advanced courses for executives & experts

“I left the class energized, buzzing with multiple ways to up-level our CX performance.”
Peter Rush, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Medecision

“This course is an absolute must – especially as we face the challenges of the post-Covid, ‘New Now’.”
— Victoria Matthews, CCXP, SEMA4
“I absolutely loved your recorded sessions. Well structured, concise, well-illustrated with examples.”
— Sandra Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė, CCXP, Partner Programs and Experience, 1ClickFactory
  • For executives and experts

  • Live guidance

  • For executives and experts

  • Self-paced or live

  • For CEO’s direct reports and board members

  • Live seminar

Customer experience training for everyone

  • Customized workshop

  • Live online or onsite

  • Train-the-trainer

  • For internal or external customer relationships

  • Self-paced or live

  • CCXP Renewal Credits

  • For internal or external customer relationships

  • Self-paced

  • CCXP Renewal Credits

  • Holistic MO maturity

  • Self-paced or live

  • Taught at UC Santa Cruz Extension since 2012

CCXP: Customer experience certification

I’ve been through 4 modules so far and your materials are really excellent!!! I love it. What I really like the most is that there are additional support questions in the quiz that help you understand the perspective. I just wish I would have used it before.

Bruce Liu, Cognizant (Hong Kong)

This course is certainly among the best CX content I’ve ever found, uniting concepts and application, delivering a true proposal for a CXM system connected with business results. Thank you very much for your attention and interaction throughout the process.

Elaine Mazzon, PhoneTrack (Brazil)

I am so thankful for your support and endless help during my CCXP journey!

Raneem Al Deejain, CCXP, My Clinic KSA (Saudi Arabia)

The ClearAction course enabled me to bring all my CX knowledge together and study at my own pace, so that I was ready to take the exam when I was ready.

Laurence Fox, CCXP, SHAPE Australia

It was definitely a cornerstone for achieving the CCXP. Fully recommended!!!

Tatiana Ramirez, CCXP, Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario (Panama)

Thank you, Lynn, for the course and the guidance provided! Very helpful indeed!

Grace Loh, Cisco (Singapore)

Thank you ClearAction. It was a great course. I appreciate all your support. Wonderful material and great trainer.

Suhaib Jaber, PWC (Jordan)
This was such a helpful course, and I’m excited to use it!!
Davianne Florea, Christian Care Ministry (US)

Thank you very much for the valuable information and feedback on the Topic Mastery scenarios during the course!

Silke Wiesel, PhD, CCXP, Chiesi Group (Austria)
  • Self-paced or live

  • 6 hours

  • 8 years of CCXPs

  • En línea a su propio ritmo

  • Tema único o todos los tema
  • À votre rythme ou en direct
  • Un module ou tous les sujets

CX Training for Everyone

Intermediate Experts Executives
Value Exchange Value Exchange Exec Guide
Customer-Focus Experience Leadership Masterminds
Journey Map Integrating Value Exchange
CX 101 / MO Templates Assessments
Coaching Coaching Coaching

“The customer experience management field and role is exciting, dynamic and complex, requiring many skills and competencies. ClearAction puts expert knowledge to great use to make sure no important detail gets left behind. They share their years of experience in clear, concise, compelling and useful ways.” — Desirree Madison-Biggs, CCXP

All of our blog topics can be taught in coaching, training or application workshops.

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The Value Exchange is your game-changing learning community

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  • Make CS, CX, EX and PX a team sport in your company
  • Elevate CS, CX, EX, PX & Marketing for scalability and higher ROI
  • On-the-go resources for every job level and learning style
  • Includes ClearAction’s classes and member contributions
  • Learn how to drive accountability → alignment → agility
    • Trust-building = accountability (ease of work):
      Respecting Interdependencies + Consistency to Intentions
    • Silo-smoothing = alignment (ease of work + business):
      Lifetime Value Mindset + Aligned Motivations
    • Nimbleness = agility (ease of business):
      Enterprise-wide Use of Insights + Customer-centered Action
“ClearAction Value Exchange is a knowledge-building, knowledge-sharing, like-minded place to go. The most unique thing is the way it’s curated in a personalized way.” — SVP Learning Solutions
“My goal is to make sure managers who aren’t directly speaking to customers to realize the impact they have on customers. We’ve saved customers time and money, and grown our business.” — VP Sales & Client Relations
“This is a fast way to learn. We have some say over topics that are relevant to us, with companies that are ready and willing to help solve. It’s a huge win for us.” — VP Marketing Operations

“ClearAction Value Exchange has best practices to earn the right to customers’ business and growing it by adding value.” — VP Sales & Client Relations

“I would definitely recommend the ClearAction Value Exchange because it is a treasure trove of tried-and-true practices.” — SVP Client Relations

“There are templates, podcasts, exercises, and a network of people you can ask ‘how did you do this?’ or ‘what did you struggle with?’” — VP Sales & Client Relations

“The Solve-Space™ helped me frame a tough situation to my staff, and to tap other employees to help, resolve pushback, and make it successful.” — Customer Engagement Manager
“This is a breakthrough to be able to do things in small bites, 5-40 minutes.” — VP Marketing Operations
“The Solve-Spaces are really a unique thing: it’s quick and asks you some pointed questions and then gives you suggestions for taking a solution back to your teams.” — Chief Customer Officer
“It gives you an opportunity to interact with other members. You know you’re talking to people just like you trying to solve similar problems, trying to give and gain as much as you are.” — SVP Learning Solutions
“It’s neat to be able to see just what’s tailored to me.” — Marketing Director
“In daily work it’s easy to stay in the same mindset. Solve-Spaces™ help me think about how I can think and communicate differently.” — Customer Experience Manager
customer experience leadership

Customer-centered cross-functional teamwork is the secret
to organic, sustainable profitability and revenue growth.