marketing data silosAre data silos disrupting your marketing organization’s progress? Disparate sources, formats, systems, and owners of data can wreak havoc in decision-making. Doubling the drama, daunting quantities and the dashing pace of data generation can be a dizzy-ing force for anyone. Let’s take a look at how to “deconstruct” marketing’s dogged data silos.

Data Diligence
Discovering first of all what data is needed by whom, when, how and why is a determinant of success. Dictating data’s organization or reporting in a vacuum is in itself a silo. Discuss with all the stakeholders what actions are needed and accommodate both right-brain and left-brain perspectives. Do your due diligence to develop a data strategy and taxonomy that everyone can adopt for collecting and searching data. Marketing data silos deconstructed: reporting, execution, personality and nomenclature silos.

Data Completeness
Differentiate between what’s useful to measure and what’s essential to measure. Do the whole job by integrating data across the customer life cycle to strengthen your decision-making through an informed view of its domino-effect. Negotiate data sharing between marketing, sales, service, customer experience, and other areas in the company. Marketing data silos deconstructed: organizational, customer phase, operational/sentimental, decision-making and assumption silos.

Data Insights
Marketing is in a powerful position to define and disseminate intelligence across all functional areas in the company, and with channel partners, alliances, and so forth. Go beyond predictive analytics to drive knowledge management as widely as possible. Mix objective and subjective observations to derive higher value. Marketing data silos deconstructed: internal/external, quantitative/qualitative and knowledge silos.

Diligence. Completeness. Insights. Deconstruct data silos by focusing on this trio of tried and true approaches. Do it right and reap the rewards: data that delivers definitive decisions, direction, demand and dollars.

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