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Close the gap in what’s promised vs. delivered

discover how to influence company-wide
alignment to evolving customer expectations

Customer Experience Team

Customer experience team learning community

CX Team SportThe Experience Value Exchange is your daily source of experience leadership wisdom!

  • It’s a skill-building community for departments that own key stakeholder intelligence:
    marketing, customer experience, customer success, customer care,
    partner management, and employee experience

Why? Because customers, employees, and partners fuel your growth!

  • These departments are your extended customer experience team.
  • Your team can influence the rest of the company to prevent customer issues!

Experience leadership is company-wide alignment to customers’ expectations.

  • You can pop into the Exchange throughout your day and week for guidance to your challenges and decisions. Ongoing skill-building is easy with 5-minute, 20-minute, and 40-minute resources.

New rules of the game for the 2020s

For marketplace nimbleness, ease of business, and ease of work,
your extended customer experience team needs to know how to:
customer experience team collaboration

  1. Align motivations
  2. Foster mutual respect
  3. Drive commitments
  4. Facilitate company-wide use of customer insights
  5. Instill customer lifetime value mindsets
  6. Influence customer-centered actions

You’ll earn badges in the Value Exchange as you specify how you’ll use each learning resource. These badges can be added to your email signature and social media profiles. They give you access to perks, too.

The Experience Value Exchange shows your customer experience team how to rethink your approach and influence cross-org collaboration that resolves and prevents thorny issues. This saves everyone money, time, reputation, turnover, and opportunities. This differentiates you, gives your brand magnetic attraction, and sustains revenue growth.

Trusted by CX, CS, EX, and Marketing leaders from many companies such as:

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I would definitely recommend the Experience Value Exchange because it is a treasure trove of tried-and-true practices. The Solve-Spaces are really a unique thing: it’s quick and asks you some pointed questions and then gives you suggestions for taking a solution back to your customer experience teams.

Senior Vice President of Client Relations

My goal is to make sure extended customer experience team managers who aren’t directly speaking to customers to realize the impact they have on customers. In the Experience Value Exchange there are best practices to earn the right to customers’ business and growing it by adding value. There are templates, podcasts, exercises, and a network of people you can ask ‘how did you do this?’ or ‘what did you struggle with?’. I’ve saved customers time and money, and grown our business.

Randi Deckard, Vice Presdient of Sales & Client Relations, Besler

The Solve-Space™ helped me frame a tough situation to my staff, and to tap other employees to help, resolve pushback, and make it successful.

Customer Engagement Manager

This is a breakthrough to be able to do things in small bites, 5-40 minutes.

Mayer Becker, Vice President of Marketing Operations, SDL

It lets you learn in ways you learn best. This is handy to save or print my action plans in the Solve-SpacesTM.

Marketing Director

Lunch-n-learns and extended staff meetings let me compare my Solve-SpaceTM answers with my customer experience team colleagues and learn even more as a group.

Customer Experience Manager

This is a fast way to learn. We have some say over topics that are relevant to us, with companies that are ready and willing to help solve. The Value Exchange is a huge win for us.

Vice President, Marketing Operations

Up-level your customer experience team capabilities

Peer Learning for Customer Experience Teams

  • Get resources prioritized for your circumstances and learning preferences,
    from new college grads to senior executives.
  • See your personally curated My Vault resources on your home page.
  • Create personalized solutions with Solve-SpaceTM interactive templates.
  • Shape experts’ presentations to your needs in Webcast ConversationsTM.
  • Compare take-aways with your extended customer experience team members.
  • Post your questions and advice in the peer-to-peer Q&A forum.
  • Share wisdom and resources with fellow members.
  • Access ClearAction’s courses, templates, handbooks, etc. at no extra charge.
  • Join community calls, hackathons, virtual conferences and roundtables.

Enroll your whole team for ongoing skill-building

Your team is as strong as its weakest link: group membership elevates your whole organization’s performance.
Annual membership allows you to absorb, apply and reinforce new skills.

  • Billed once per month until cancelled

  • Billed once per quarter until cancelled

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solve-SpacesTM are interactive templates to build capability on-the-go.
Solve-Space Trademarked & Copyright ClearAction Continuum

  • “Wisdom for this Step” helps you apply a new angle to your challenge.
  • In 20 minutes you customize a plan you can use right away!
  • Share — or exchange — your discoveries with your colleagues.
  • It’s the fastest path to shared vision and collective capability.

Solve-SpacesTM give you a new perspective and an immediate action plan. Do it yourself, walk through it in an extended staff meeting or a lunch-n-learn, or tackle a problem through it with peers in a conference room. You can compare your answers with peers, share your lessons learned, or show peers how it made a difference for you.

To request a demo, call +1 408 687 9700 or send an email or sign up for our next demo by clicking the button below.

Your customer experience team in Marketing, CS, CX, and EX can:

  • Contribute anything about ease of work and ease of doing business.
  • Moderate events, present examples in community calls.
  • Ask questions and answer fellow members’ questions.
  • Share comments and likes, articles, videos, podcasts
  • Post infographics, templates, diagrams, and presentations.

Example Member Newsletter:

All content in the Value Exchange is for members’ internal use only.
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Visit your Exchange portal throughout your workday for smoother internal and external interactions.

Members can do many things on their own, or with other members, or with their own teams.


In just a few minutes, you can learn a technique you can use the same day. Answers to your questions, tutorials, and inspiration are available in 5-minute, 20-minute, and 40-minute content. The Value Exchange is on-the-spot learning that doesn’t disrupt your work.

Your home page is tailored to you, to minimize your time searching. Your goals prioritize what you see.

Example short tutorial:

The Experience Value Exchange is like a mentor, giving your extended customer experience team 24×365 access to solutions for ease-of-doing-business and ease-of-work.

Our themes of ease of work and ease of doing business make the Exchange
most valuable as your extended customer experience team applies their skills together.

The Experience Value Exchange improves your interactions with other departments, agencies and alliances.

  • Improve cooperation and follow-through, and collaboration.
  • Influence deeper and broader use of customer insights in decision-making, handoffs and purpose.

These skills are vital to continuity, scalability and organizational nimbleness.

Group membership elevates your extended customer experience team’s performance. Annual membership allows you to absorb, apply and reinforce new skills.

Customer Experience Team Volume Discounts

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Customer Experience Team Collaboration

Questions about the Experience Value Exchange?


The Exchange will help your customer experience team drive customer value growth.

The Experience Value Exchange is your quick-stop source for leadership of CS, CX, EX & Marketing:
strategic-impact templates, guidance & peer-to-peer sharing.

For VP-level to new college grad-level, there’s a treasure trove of resources for you!

You get personally curated resource recommendations for your job role, seniority, interests, preferences and goals.

Future-proof your CX/CS/EX/Marketing teams with on-the-go, personally curated challenge-solving resources.