Is Marketing Operations (MO) a key part of your job?
• Are you leading or in the process of establishing an MO function?
• A member of the MO team?
• A member of the marketing, sales, operations, customer experience, strategy, finance, quality or IT staff who needs to align with Marketing Ops to do your job and help your enterprise succeed?
• Interested in Marketing Operations as a career?
• A vendor, consultant, integrator or business leader who wants to align your organization or clients to Marketing Operations best practices?

If MO is core to your career and/or your organization, you owe it to yourself to build your Marketing Operations competency. You need to know what you don’t know and learn what you need to know.

For the first time, you can make a commitment to that professional development in a structured, focused, self-pacedsetting through UCSC Extension’s Marketing Operations: The Engine of Marketing, a new 7-week online course beginning January 25  and taught by me, Gary Katz.

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Following is a complete description:


Course Description:

Marketing can be the growth driver, the voice of the customer, the agent of change in organizations. But the sad reality is that today’s Chief Marketing Officer has an average tenure of just over 26 months, less than half the time of the average CEO. This brief tenure has motivated many Marketing leaders to take a short-termand tactical orientation, which has led to Marketing having limited scope and influence within many organizations. The inability of Marketing to demonstrate itslong-termvalue has, in turn, led to slashed budgets and head-count. The age of the “individual contributor” director is upon us and Marketing is no longer a fun job at many companies.

Marketing Operations is an evolving discipline that brings operational discipline and a change management approach to the marketing function to literally transform how we are viewed internally and how we see ourselves. By adding a dedicated Marketing Operations focus, organizations can leverage process, technology, guidance and metrics to run the marketing function as a profit center and a fully accountable business. By embracing Marketing Operations, professionals can increase their value and raise their stature within their organizations, while enhancing their job satisfaction and career opportunities.

Topics Include:

  • Marketing operations ecosystem
  • Interdisciplinary tools
  • Achieving organizational alignment
  • Designing, deploying and managing marketing infrastructure
  • Marketing operations lifecycle.

Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s) & Award(s): Certificate Program in Marketing Management

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by Gary M. Katz, Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer at Marketing Operations Partners