Voice-of-Customer Action

shutterstock_181601705We help companies be more customer-focused.
From the inside out. To be outside-in more than skin-deep.

Our emphasis is getting things right the first time in all the value-creating and support functions:

engineering, manufacturing, operations, information technology, finance, human resources, facilities, quality, marketing, etc.

Why? It's the key to profitable customer experience excellence.

Why? When any of these functions is out of sync with customers, there is waste.

Wasted opportunities. Wasted costs and time for everyone involved.

Wasteful investments in remedial service, marketing, sales, and technologies
to buffer or appease or reverse or catch up or entice.

It shouldn't have to be that hard!

The irony is that common thinking assumes it is too hard to do the right thing right the first time.

Or to engage cross-functionally to iron out twisted processes and policies that could otherwise enable right the first time.

Do the math. What is it costing to put up with the status quo? And to continually invest in buffering, appeasing, reversing, catching up, and enticing?

The answer tells you to step back from the ways everyone else is doing things, and to take a smarter, more strategic approach.

shutterstock_113046973We "enable customers to love you".

Every organization wants to be recommended. But does that guarantee you will be preferred?

Not necessarily. To be preferred, customers need to feel that their dealings with your organization and its products and services are "like a hand in a glove": a perfect fit.

Instead of enticing customer retention and loyalty, enable it by being a naturally lovable organization.

Being naturally lovable is the most profitable way to sustain strong growth.

Last year, what percent of customers benefited from your VoC-inspired actions? What percent of frustrations have not recurred?

Your answers indicate maturity toward centering your business on customers — the only silver bullet to CX ROI.

Build a hand-in-glove feeling to maximize trust and growth. Learn how to drive cross-organizational collaboration. Get things right the first time. Save time and precious resources. Be in the right place at the right time to maximize growth opportunities. Transform customer experience. ClearAction can show you how.

shutterstock_158329139Our specialties are company-wide actionability and actioning of customer experience insights.

A smart mix of micro and macro VoC action is essential.

  • Micro actioning = following up with customers based on their survey ratings.
  • Macro actioning = zeroing in on root causes of issues affecting the customer base.

What do you gain from macro actioning?

  1. Prevent recurrence of issues, and their associated costs to all customers, employees, and shareholders.
  2. Attune value-creating and support functions to anticipate customer expectations and reactions.
  3. Engage these functions in applying creativity tools to the end-to-end customer experience journey.
  4. Minimize the burden on customer-facing staff, to minimize turnover, and maximize their value-add capability.
  5. Minimize silos across people, data, processes, metrics, and systems, to maximize collaboration.

    Customer experience is horizontal across these things. Why manage only vertically?

  6. Revise your voice-of-the-customer portfolio to discover more value-add opportunities.
  7. Apply customer experience insights to company rituals: promotion criteria, hiring, performance reviews, team recognition, staff meeting agendas, ops reviews, training courses on any topic, budgeting, investment decisions, quality assessments and improvements, etc.

What's possible?

ClearAction can show you how to do these things at a very reasonable cost:

  • Re-position your customer experience management staff as value-add facilitators.
  • Equip customer experience champions and facilitators with macro improvement and outcomes management skills.
  • Position cross-organizational collaboration in customer experience improvement as part of every department's charter and every employees role.
  • Systematize cross-organizational collaboration through a cadence of working sessions and C-team follow-up.
  • Recognize teams based on self-reporting to predefined criteria for systematic customer experience improvement.
  • Discover opportunities by assessing process maturity dimensions for management commitment, systems approach, deployment and results.
  • Increase mutual value by assessing your customer experience value quotient from the customers' viewpoint.

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