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Experience leadership experts accelerate maturity of customer / employee / partner insights.

Discover how to embed ease-of-business and ease-of-work into your firm’s way of life.

Today’s must-haves for customer value growth require Marketing, CX & CS roles to influence enterprise-wide alignment to customers.

“I highly recommend ClearAction Continuum to assist you in your vision. They understand the importance of accountability and generating ROI. They are masterful in aligning stakeholders, both inside and outside the company. ClearAction sees the marketing “big picture” and how all the pieces create a successful effort.”

Marti Smith, Vice President of Marketing, Shoretel

Customer Value Growth Experts

ClearAction Value Exchange is governed by the Executive Leadership Board of chief officers and vice presidents of marketing and customer management. It’s open to everyone, with no boundaries; it’s open-sourced by an array of experts and members; it’s member-led and member-driven.

ClearAction Continuum solutions are delivered by our virtual group of customer value growth experts who have driven ease-of-work and ease-of-doing-business as leaders within major brands.

Lynn HunsakerLynn Hunsaker is Chairman, CEO and Chief Customer Officer. She became a customer value growth expert through 30 years of driving customer experience and marketing change (Sonoco strategic planning, Tragon market research, Applied Materials corporate quality and marketing), leading associations (SVAMA, BAAPT, CXPA), certifications (CQM, PCM, MBTI, CXPA), teaching (UC Berkeley & Santa Cruz Extensions, SJSU, CCXP), benchmarking (global B2B CX, marketing ops), writing (3 Kindle handbooks, CustomerThink Hall of Fame and Author of the Year), and guiding dozens of companies.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with ClearAction Continuum on several projects. They are very dependable, detail oriented and have an extremely high sense of integrity. There’s no question they will do what’s needed to ensure the work is done correctly and the client’s best needs are taken into account.”

Linda Popky, Strategic Development Board, Watermark

ClearAction Continuum History

Our roots extend beyond the 2005 founding of ClearAction by Lynn Hunsaker and 2006 founding of Marketing Operations Partners by Gary Katz.

It all started with Lynn’s first job interviewing customers in the Strategic Planning department of Sonoco, and with Gary’s USF Master’s thesis on An Organization Change, Learning and Development Model for Public Relations and Communications Management.

ClearAction Continuum was formed through a merger of these two firms in 2017, focusing on customer value growth through ease of work and ease of doing business.

Guided by the Executive Leadership Board

Join this expert-facilitated, member-led and member-driven nimbleness community.

Our Advisory Clients

We’re honored to influence these companies:

Experience Leadership Experts

Ease of doing business & ease of work are keys to retention & engagement.

Ease: performance to your value proposition with absence of hurdles, delays or worries.

Ease of business & work = the extent to which customers & employees, respectively, are enhanced or constrained by your enterprise.


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