Employee, partner, and customer experience leadership

Strengthen brand integrity in employee and customer experience leadership

Executive-level e-consulting: self-paced training with optional live sessions

Promise what they get, and deliver issue-free what you promised.
That is brand integrity. Issue-free experience is automatic experience excellence.
Influencing this is Experience Leadership

Keynoters, authors, award winners and judges, and certified customer experience leaders can expect extensive practical value to further boost your expertise.
customer experience leadership ClearAction

For customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and partner experience (PX) = experience management (XM).


In just 5 lessons, you will be able to:

  1. Identify leading indicators of financial growth
  2. Stop costly issues and design superior experiences
  3. Influence customer-centric accountability companywide
  4. Use insights to stimulate collaboration and differentiation
  5. Lead strategy and governance to outpace your industry

Self-paced training

Optional live sessions at no extra charge

Risk-free! You can start with 1 topic to see if there’s anything new for you within 7 days: if not, get a refund, or if yes, get a credit toward all 5 topics!
Our prices now are lower than pre-pandemic, with more value. Why? We believe shrinkflation and inflation are bad CX: always increase value!

This is by far the best resource available on Experience Leadership. You don’t know what you don’t know! Try this.
Balakrishna MurthyBalakrishna Murthy, CCXP, Carrefour

Learn how to establish indisputable ROI and internal engagement

Discover how to rapidly improve post-pandemic priorities of trust, value, respect, and values.
For any career background, this course fast-tracks and modernizes your employee, partner, and customer experience leadership wisdom.

customer experience leadership
Customer Experience Leadership Goals

CX leader focus is outside-in companywide, whereas CS leader focus is customer touchpoints.

Outside-in companywide is vital to mistake-proofing experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

What’s your insights utilization rate?
Your influence expands by how you collect, clarify, communicate, and champion experience insights.
Experience Leadership is the key to buy-in, internal engagement, and impressive ROI.

You can master 5 topics for higher CX+EX+PX value:

1) Leading Indicators (Metrics & Analytics)

2) Driving Change (Improvement & Design)

3) Culture & Accountability

4) Voice of Experience & Intelligence

5) Operationalized Strategy

All topics are universal to customer experience, employee experience, and partner experience.

Strengthen your customer experience leadership skills:

I absolutely loved your Advanced CX+EX+PX recorded sessions. Well structured, concise, well-illustrated with examples. I also found useful that you augment this learning experience with a section of inspiring stories from other organizations. This adds even more practical flavor.
Sandra Matulevičiūtė-BagdonavičienėSandra Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė, CCXP, Partner Programs and Experience, 1ClickFactory
Experience Leadership for Experts seminars bring the group in with thought-provoking discussions where participants share real-world examples from our different histories and experiences. I appreciate the practical tools and resources explaining how to use these in greater depth.
George Bell-UribeGeorge Bell-Uribe, Head of Customer Experience, North America, Sage

This course is right for you if:

  • You want to be indispensable. You gain advanced wisdom for internal buy-in and massive gains.
  • Your career growth is top priority. You learn BETTER ways for all these skills.
  • Your aim is EX & CX maturity. It’s time now to elevate vision and impact.
  • You want instructor feedback. Responses in LinkedIn messaging and for every Topic Mastery submittal.
  • You are interested in peers’ views. Join a live session and join the course Slack channel.
  • Your time is valuable. This is faster than anything else.
  • You want flexibility. It’s self-paced with no expiration, and you can arrange live sessions.

This is a go-to resource with templates and examples.

Layers match your expertise: blitz and deep-dive, 8 to 15+ hours.

You will get:

  • Non-transferrable lifetime license to video segments (25-35 minutes each) totaling about 1.5 hours per topic.
  • Personalized instructor feedback for 3 scenario questions per topic to earn your Experience Leadership Certificate.
  • Workbook for each topic with questions relating videos to your experiences + templates for applying key points in your work.
  • Links to examples and templates for many concepts in each topic to deep-dive now or in the future.
  • 200 multiple-choice questions with clues and explanations.
  • 75 more multiple-choice story questions in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire quiz game format.
  • Request a Zoom link for a 90-minute live session at no extra charge.
  • Optional coaching.
  • Optional private live sessions.
  • Live sessions at no extra charge can be arranged for 5+ participants.

No risk: try 1 topic with 7-day guarantee if nothing is new for you.

Experience Leadership for Experts is an absolute must for any practising CX professional wishing to take their knowledge to the next level and to adapt to the changing realities of CX practices – especially as we face the challenges of the post-Covid, ‘New Now’.
Victoria MatthewsVictoria Matthews, CCXP, Principal, SEMA4 Consulting
Thank you for having a wonderful Experience Leadership for Experts session in such a short duration. I really appreciate the way you have integrated project management, change management and customer experience management. It has been a fantastic experience.
Mohammad Saad UsmaniMohammad Saad Usmani, PhD, Divisional Head, Learning & Talent Management, United Bank Limited


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Group Learning

No extra charge for live sessions! Emphasis in live session may be customized to participants’ goals and questions.

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Live sessions can be a mix of participants from all 3 levels.

Experience Leadership Mastery for everyone

customer, partner & employee experience excellence

Get your whole department on the same page! Cross-pollinate!
Live or self-paced sessions mix participants from all 3 levels, with online resources tailored to each level.

customer experience skills for all managers

For all experience managers

$400 live
$300 self-paced
50-60 minutes per topic
10 true-false per topic

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Intermediate customer experience training

For seasoned XM managers
100% prep for certification

Maturity: $450 for 5, $90 for 1 topic
CCXP: $475 for 5, $95 for 1 topic
75-90 minutes per topic
275 choice, templates, links

Maturity: request timing
CCXP: request timing

Experts' Experience Leadership

For VPs, authors, CCXPs, etc.

$550 for 5 topics
$110 for 1 topic
90-100 minutes per topic
sophisticated extras

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Can I earn a certificate?

The Employee, Partner, and Customer

Experience Leadership Topic Mastery Certificate and social media badge are earned by successfully answering 15 topic mastery scenarios: 3 for each of the 5 competencies. This is awarded by ClearAction Continuum, with individual feedback to you by Lynn Hunsaker.

Experts Customer Experience Leadership Certificate

customer experience leadership badge

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Experience Leadership for Experts is ideal for senior executives seeking to increase the strategic relevance and value of CX to their organization. It was great that fundamentals are assumed and the focus was on higher-value advanced concepts. I left the session energized, buzzing with multiple ways to up level our CXM.
Peter RushPeter Rush, FCXP, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Medecision
Lynn is a seasoned CX professional. She spoke to sound theory and powerful practical examples from her own experience that really help land the points on how to drive business results through customer experience programs.
Jacqueline MuellerJacqueline Mueller, CCXP, Senior Vice President, Client Insight, SMG

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