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Team membership grows team capability

Future-proof your team

On-the-go challenge-solving with ClearAction Value Exchange

Focus: CX/marketing interdependencies, silo-bridging, scalability, efficiency, influence.

Tailored to you: Your homepage is curated to your interests for speed and convenience.

Easy: Make use of 20-minute bites between meetings, during commute or workout, over coffee or lunch, waiting for anything, as add-on to staff meetings, etc.

Smarter investment than conferences! Build your whole team’s skills year-long with minimal downtime. Increase shared vision, unity, productivity and growth.

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Remove roadblocks to your potential value

Improve predictors of your team’s KPIs!



Ability to prioritize

Productivity of resources

Employee engagement

Strategic vs. tactical work

Resource acquisition


Stakeholder satisfaction

Stakeholder cooperation

Team collaboration

Right the first time

Job satisfaction



Project stalls

Duplicated resources

Redundant efforts


Employee turnover

Partners’ workload

“In daily work it’s easy to stay in the same mindset. But Solve-Spaces™ help me consider how I can think and communicate differently.”

Customer Success Manager
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Seamless interactions are vital to
seamless customer experience

Are you building these mission-critical skills?

  Enterprise use of customer insights

  Compel customer-centered action

  Lifetime value mindset & actions

  Aligned motivations across stakeholders

  Empowerment respecting interdependencies

  Consistent action to intended outcomes

“We set up lunch-n-learns and extended staff meetings to compare my Solve-Space™ answers with my colleagues’ answers, to learn even more as a group.”

Customer Experience Manager


  • Solve-SpacesTM

  • Open Forum Q&A

  • On-Demand Training

  • Templates

  • How-to-Guides

  • Podcasts, Webcasts, Videos

  • Case Studies

  • Articles, Studies, Infographics


  • Webcast ConversationsTM

  • Community Calls

  • Expert Presentations

  • Virtual Conferences

  • In-Person Roundtables

  • Member Committees

  • Member Exchange Summit

  • Board Meetings


  • Compare Solve-SpacesTM

  • Lunch-n-Learns

  • Share Hot Resources

  • Staff Meeting Sessions

  • Topic of the Week

  • Inputs to Recognition

  • Up-Level Basic Training

  • Succession Planning

“The Solve-Space™ really helped me frame a tough situation to my staff to tap other employees to help, resolve pushback, and make it successful. I’m pretty happy with that.”

Customer Engagement Director

Collective capability to bridge customer experience silos

Employee experience empowers customer experience

  • Real-time personalized solutions

  • 24×7 solutions in 5-30 minute bites

  • Navigate cultural, political & personality gaps

  • Increase collaboration & strategic impact

  • Influence silo-bridging & connecting the dots

  • Grow scalability & group nimbleness

  • For VP-level to new college grads

  • Increase career mobility

  • Minimize churn

  • Mentoring high-potential talent

  • Expose mindsets across manager levels

  • Speed organizational learning & shared vision

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“This is a breakthrough to be able to do things in small bites, 20-40 minutes.”

Mayer Becker, Vice President of Marketing Operations, SDL

Executive Leadership Board Members

ClearAction Value Exchange is expert-facilitated, member-led and member-driven:

Anaplan - Christophe Bodin        Code42 - Eric Wansong          Glint - Mary Poppen          Money Management International - Jennifer Dial          NCR - Carolyn Muise RMS - Marilyn Mersereau          Rubrik - Giri Iyer          Sage - John Patterson          SES - Elly Domene

“One of the most interesting facets of the Exchange is the opportunity to bring together thoughtful professionals and readily have small discussion groups.”

Liz Allen, Chief Marketing Officer, Blurb


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  • Invite peers to a Webcast ConversationTM

  • Setup an onboarding orientation

  • Tap into custom solutions on-the-go

  • Share favorites with peers

  • Get ideas from Elevate Value This Week

  • Track progress in Quarterly Value Reviews


We’re excited to welcome you!

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“It’s satisfying to finally have an online marketing operations and customer experience community to share silo-bridging best practices across industries.”

James Dunn, Vice President of Marketing Operations, SiriusXM


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