marketing differentiationAre you tapping into the surest ways to stand out from the competition? Nimble marketing organizations win more. Marketing agility is about speed — and being in-tune.  Without nimbleness, or agility, all the latest marketing differentiation techniques can only go so far. Here are 10 ways Marketing can stand out from the crowd:

Increase Your Speed:

  1. Maximize resources by avoiding duplication of effort and investment
  2. Prioritize effort and investment by focusing on the right metrics the right way
  3. Simplify workflows and handoffs to reduce chaos
  4. Adjust your work according to stakeholder needs to minimize wasted time, efforts and resources
  5. Demonstrate your interest in each of your stakeholders to maintain a win-win approach

Be In-Tune:

  1. Emphasize outside-in thinking to align perspectives and motivations with customers’ well-being
  2. Increase transparency of decision-making processes to stimulate collaborative teamwork
  3. Support the end-to-end customer life cycle to nurture customer retention and expand share of wallet/budget
  4. Make your business intelligence widely accessible and actionable to mobilize your company
  5. Systematize actioning on customer-centered business intelligence to drive strategic value

Whatever your role in Marketing is, differentiation from the crowd is essential. Mastering these techniques is easier said than done! Figuring it out is a never-ending battle. Spurring your whole department’s nimbleness is even harder. That’s life as we’ve known it to-date.

Now with the ClearAction Value Exchange you can master these techniques in small bites of time, while waiting for everyday things. Make mini-plans for same-day experimentation and application. And your peers — upward, downward, and across from you — quickly see the value of these techniques by seeing how the idea fits their work situation.

No doubt about it: the pace of change is increasing, and customer segments are multiplying, transparency is inevitable, and the pressure to create value is stronger than ever. Mastery of Marketing agility is mission-critical!

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