marketing alignmentAre you accelerating results you need from others by aligning your Marketing group with them? Here are 10 ways Marketing alignment is like leapfrogging the status quo to find your super powers:

  1. Get Sales and Marketing on the same page to accelerate revenue
  2. Reach customers when they’re ready to buy to strengthen customer relationships
  3. Provide content customers value to win their trust
  4. Drive consistent standards to strengthen brand integrity
  5. Clarify roles and interdependencies to drive buy-in
  6. Build centers of excellence to leverage economies of scale
  7. Enable scalability to maintain momentum during rapid growth or significant change
  8. Adjust your work according to stakeholders’ needs to minimize wasted time, efforts and resources
  9. Demonstrate your interest in others’ well-being to maintain a win-win approach
  10. Make it simple to work with you to catalyze growth

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Think how far you could go — and how fast! — by mastering these 10 Marketing alignment success factors. It takes a concerted effort and lots of practice. And having a handful of “alignment masters” in your group is great, yet insufficient. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

This is why you need the ClearAction Value Exchange. It accelerates know-how and buy-in. It rapidly builds shared vision. Group membership lets your whole department create mini plans on their mobile devices or computers on-the-go. Experimentation and group conversations through a treasure trove of Marketing alignment resources propels your shared success.

Here are 10 ways #marketing is like leapfrogging the status quo to find your super powers. Align your #mktg group with others to accelerate results you need from them. #MarketingOps #CustomerValue Share on X

No doubt about it: the pace of change is increasing, and customer segments are multiplying, transparency is inevitable, and the pressure to create value is stronger than ever. Mastery of Marketing alignment is essential!

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