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I appreciate these practical tools and discussions where participants share real-world examples from our different histories and experiences.
George Bell-UribeGeorge Bell-Uribe, Head of Customer Experience, North America, Sage

Specifics will be adapted to your goals. Limited to 9 participants. Reserve your spot today!

Specifics will be adapted to your goals. Limited to 9 participants. Reserve your spot today!

This is by far the best resource available on Experience Leadership. You don’t know what you don’t know! Try this.
Balakrishna MurthyBalakrishna Murthy, Carrefour

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Balance: how to prioritize and cover all the CXM bases.
Journeys: keys to mapping, facilitating, orchestrating CJM, UX, Design.
Insights: ask and analyze to maximize growth.
Value: lifetime value, ROI, NPS/indexes, buy-in, and cost/value centers.
Customer-Centricity: influential inroads you ironically own.
Touchpoints: CRM, sales, service, success, loyalty, engagement.
Non-Customer-Facing: their language and exponential power for you.
DX, AI, ML: digital transformation and CX tech decision success factors.
Rewards: recognition, compensation, dashboards, performance management.

Assumption Silos: solve inconsistent CX views and duty across functional areas.
Vision Silos: solve being out of sync with the hand that feeds you: customers, employees, and partners.
Goal Silos: solve goal outcomes that are incongruent with intentions.
Metric Silos: connect underlying factors for true metric momentum.
Handoff Silos: ensure work quality and timing matches recipients’ needs.

Channel Silos: ensure consistency among service, sales, marketing, and delivery channels.
Data Silos: overcome disparate systems with mis-matching data.
System Silos: incompatible or standalone technologies.
Process Silos: simplify complicated execution.
Organization Silos: influence coordination and collaboration.

Indispensable Value: full buy-in and appreciation.
Predict NPS/Financials: identify workflow leading indicators.
Financial Ratios: tie XM progress to ROA, EPS, CAGR, etc.
Actionability: compel and facilitate action in every report.
Value Creation: expand value in every growth endeavor.
Massive Improvements: stop recurrence of prevalent issues.
Long-Term ROI Engagement: build mutual value in every offer.

Motivation: speak the language of every work group.
Expectations Personas: guide non-customer-facing performance.
Stakeholder Personas: proactively manage internal stakeholders.
Impassion Everyone: guide every group in internal and external CX value.
Cross-org Collaboration: instill cooperation across groups.
Advocacy by CFOs: make your CFO the greatest CX advocate.
Leadership: infuse XM in leadership of every function.

End-to-End CX Strategy: excel in end-to-end CX and culture.
Self-Audit Maturity: simple path to customer-centered business.
Maturity Roadmap: achieve milestones for XM maturity now.
Cross-Pollination: propel XM maturity via lessons learned.
North Star: XM insights can guide all manager decisions.
Strategic Pillars: every objective/initiative ties to XM.
Governance: tap into built-in strengths to fast-track progress.

B2B Influencers: keep a pulse on gatekeepers and users.
B2B Strengths: shift B2B/B2B2C complexity to advantages.
B2B CX Team: structure, positioning, and skill set for fast progress.
B2B Journey Orchestration: efficient path to higher CJM gains.

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I absolutely loved your concise, inspiring stories with practical flavor.
Sandra Matulevičiūtė-BagdonavičienėSandra Matulevičiūtė-Bagdonavičienė, Partner Programs and Experience, 1ClickFactory

4 CX Leader gold metrics drive success of these other 20 CX metrics.
CX-inspired growth, performance, efficiencies, and strategies transform your culture, maturity, profitability, and magnetic attraction to new and existing customers.



4 Gold CX ROI Metrics

Walking the talk is the overall success factor for employee, partner, and customer experience

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Specifics will be adapted to your goals. Limited to 9 participants. (Solo = 1-person series.) Reserve your spot today!

Thank you for having a wonderful advanced session in such a short duration. I really appreciate the way you have integrated project management, change management and customer experience management. It has been a fantastic experience.
Mohammad Saad Usmani, PhD, Divisional Head, Learning & Talent Management, United Bank Limited
This is an absolute must for any practising CX professional wishing to take their knowledge to the next level and to adapt to the changing realities of CX practices – especially as we face the challenges of the post-Covid, ‘New Now’.
Victoria MatthewsVictoria Matthews, Principal, SEMA4 Consulting
This is ideal for senior executives seeking to increase strategic relevance and value. It was great that fundamentals are assumed and the focus was on higher-value advanced concepts. I left the session energized, buzzing with multiple ways to up-level our performance.
Peter Rush, FCXP, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Medecision
Lynn is a seasoned CX professional. She spoke to sound theory and powerful practical examples from her own experience that really help land the points on how to drive business results.
Jacqueline Mueller, Senior Vice President, Client Insight, SMG

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Specifics will be adapted to your goals. Limited to 9 participants. (Solo = 1-person series.) Reserve your spot today!

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