Learn how to smooth silos

Customer value is damaged by business silos.

 In fact, the root cause behind most employee and customer retention issues is silos!
Accordingly, silo-smoothing is the vital route to customer experience annuities.

Most people assume silos are solved only by technologies, but that’s not true!
See how YOU can smooth silos to generate customer experience annuities.

(Note: May-June Friday Flash videos below assist you with remote-work silos)
(Also see the new series: DX+CX+EX in New Times: Vital or Trivial?)

Building Trust

Discover your trust profile & 4 trust components for stronger relationships with internal or external customers.

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Strategic Impact of the ClearAction Value Exchange

Randi Deckard, VP of Sales & Client Relations at Besler, shares her experiences with the rich resources from the ClearAction Value Exchange.

“My goal is to make sure managers who aren’t directly speaking to customers to realize the impact they have on customers. In ClearAction Value Exchange there are best practices to earn the right to customers’ business and growing it by adding value. There are templates, podcasts, exercises, and a network of people you can ask ‘how did you do this?’ or ‘what did you struggle with?’. I’ve saved customers time and money, and grown our business.”

Randi Deckard, VP Sales & Client Relations, Besler

Change Management

Discover 5 templates for driving change by influence.

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The Future is Now with ClearAction Value Exchange

2-minute excerpt from talk show with Milista Anderson, SVP Client Relations, FIS, on “Marketing & CX Workforce of the Future“.

“The ClearAction Value Exchange is a knowledge-building, knowledge-sharing, like-minded place to go. The most unique thing is the way it’s curated in a personalized way. It gives you an opportunity to interact with other members. You know you’re talking to people just like you trying to solve similar problems, trying to give and gain as much as you are.”

Milista Anderson, SVP Client Relations

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“This is a breakthrough to be able to do things in small bites, 5-40 minutes.”

Mayer Becker, VP Marketing Operations, SDL

Partnering Levels

Discover how to toggle across 3 partner levels for smoother interactions with internal or external customers.

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Interaction Bridges

Discover 2 factors that tell you how to gain cooperation from anyone.

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“This is a fast way to learn. We have some say over topics that are relevant to us, with companies that are ready and willing to help solve. It’s a huge win for us.”

James Dunn, VP Marketing Operations, SiriusXM

What are Operations Silos & Execution Silos?

Learn why silo-smoothing should be central to your customer experience strategy.

4 Universal Keys to Smoothing Silos

Learn how you can influence silo-smoothing.

New Segmentation for New Times

Shift from traditional methods to expectations segmentation for enterprise nimbleness.

AI Segmentation Speeds Growth & Smooths Silos

Combine big data from the 5 Internets to form a Key HAILO for micro-segmentation and hyper-personalization.

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Learn how to bridge silos

Nimbleness is vital to 2020s success. Hence, your Marketing, CX & CS teams need these competencies: Accountability — Alignment — Agility

For enterprise agility, drive accountability and alignment (see 3 columns):

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“The Solve-Space™ helped me frame a tough situation to my staff, and to tap other employees to help, resolve pushback, and make it successful.”

Customer Engagement Manager