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Thanks! This made the exam questions feel very approachable and intuitive.
Jenna Harwood PepersJenna Harwood-Pepers, CCXP, PointClickCare

I wish I’d bought this earlier, as I’ve discovered you are teaching the real knowledge to us. Previously, I tried the CCXP exam unsuccessfully after buying all the popular practice exams.
Bruce LiuBruce Liu, CCXP, Blue Cross Insurance HK

I am so thankful to have enrolled in Clear Action e-Consulting. I am certain the material prepared me well for the exam. I highly recommend it to others.
Louise JohnsonLouise Johnson, CCXP, Vice President of Client Experience, CO-OP Financial Services

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Who has passed the CCXP exam?

Partial list of CCXPs who benefited from ClearAction training:
(3-column table)

US West
Ryan Abualsamh
TJ Adler
AJ Ajinwo
Vicki Amon-Higa
Corey Arthurholt
Sherrie Austin
Gary Batroff
Amy Bell
Myoung Blaauboer
Ellen Brady
Paul Broughton
Susan Brown
Steven Carleton
Eddie Christian
Lonna Coleman
Stephanie Crain
Braeden Daly
Venkata Dasari
Stephanie Davis
Shannon Denniston
Erin DeSilva
Davianne Florea
Aaron Fox
Lani Lorenz Fry
Maura Goicochea
Sharone Goldman
Amy Goodwin
Mandy Goodwin
Michael Gray
Erin Hansman
Amanda Hanson
Sam Harami
Maryellen Heffner
Kay Lynn Hendrix
Moynul Hoque
Giri Iyer
Mitchell Josh
Kim Kemmer
Sheila Knight-Fields
Kim Kosik
Brian Latham
Marla Lucas
Aubrey Macklin
Megan Marburger
Rachael McBrearty
Joseph Mitileri
Annette Morgan
Jessica Noble
Rachael Perez
Robert Perez
Ryan Peterson
Mary Catherine Plunkett
Joe Powell
Terry Reynolds
Eric Rhoades
Bob Roark
Sarah Sang
Michelle Sawa
Vidhya Siriam
Marvin Siu
Melissa Skogan
Rodney Smith
Krutika Sogal
Nick Spence
Paul Stone
Matt Stuckey
Leigh Taylor
Steve Tennant
Alyce Traverso
Eric Ullman
Katie Wallace
John Wong
Ellie Wu
Maggie Young
Errol Youngborg
Heather Younger
Chris Zepeda

US East
Ralf Achtelstetter
Jennifer Alcarez
Rhonda Allen
Sanjay Asthana
Wai Au
Risa Baltes
Michael Bartlett
Tracy Bernstein
Van Bevins
Millicent Blalock
Patrice Blum
Barbara Blume Ensign
Sonya Boone
Jodi Bradley
Alan Brooks
Beckie Brooks
Somesh Chablani
Abhitabh Chandra
Alison Circle
Elyse Claxton
Darby Coe
Mary Rose Coleman
Ram Dasari
Stephanie Davis
Gene De Libero
Kim Dixon
Michelle Ebbs
Fernando Egea
Chris Ewing
Katelyn Fisher
Lisa Flynn
Tanya Fowler
Ann Gougebas
Michael Hadden
Anne Hampton
Lisa Haskins
Jeffrey Heath
Terri Helus
Frank Hone
Rob Howell
Cecilia James
Wanda Jett
Carolyn Jeskey
Louise Johnson
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson
Suzanne Kinney
Jim Kitterman
Carolyn Klinger
Tracy Kuchar
Jason Kuperschmid
Scott Kyles
Craig Lieneck
Emily McCandless
Matt Macon
Rick Malsch
Sheila March
Sandra Mathis
Ryan McKeever
Katie McNamara
MaryAnn Monroe
Aaron Mosby
Ron Mozalewski
Kyle Murphy
Lisa Musante
Logan Nasr
Shawn Noble
Roberta O’Keith
Daniel Olsen
Nikki Pampalone
Liliana Petrova
Kristen Rice
Amanda Riffkin
Eileen Rimeikis
Gabby Roberts
Angeleen Rohda
Jonathan Ruchman
Natalie Schneider
Sara Schumann
Margie Sfeir
Maulin Shah
David Shaw
Diane Simmons
Mark Smith
Bill Stavros
Tim Steinmetz
Ron Taylor
Mario Toussaint
Bob Trent
Abby van de Bogert
Nancy Vega
Laura Vigliotta
Torrin Webb
Lizzie Welles
Carrie Weston
Cassie Wilcox
Jennifer Wright
Kristina Zeitvogel

Kari Baker
Krista Breckman
Kevin Carruthers
Andrew Esemezie
Sophia Frey
Jenna Harwood-Pepers
Ruth John
Dennis Lemon
Jennifer MacDonald
Nancy Ortenberg
Sandra Pacitti
Michael Poulin
Aviva Shiff
Shawn Silzer
Bibi Sofowote
Simone Wilson
Julianna Zaremba

Muhammad Adeel
Imranuddin Ahmed
Raneem Al Delaijan
Mohammed Albadr
Darryl Alexander
Kamil Ali
Ghalia Alkhudair
Majed Alshammari
Muneera AlSunaid
Paola Annis
Shatha Balto
Ehsan Bin-Abdullah
Moronke Bamgbala
Daniel Bogaards
Vicky Brookes
Vukasin Bursac
Horacio Calvo
Shirley Campbell
Florin Caras
Cristina Carbone
Marcello Ciozzani
Gabriela Ciupitu
Toby Courtney-Thomas
Veronika Dittes
Ma’en El-Baz
Abdallah Elbadawy
Graham Fagan
Sabrina Haddach
Raphael Hergge
Izzat Husrieh
Jolian Ibrahim
Gustavo Imhof
Mahmoud Jallad
Oghenekevwe John-Olori
Valentin Kaelin
Clare Kavanagh
Marek Kempka
Diane Korir-Orora
Ivan Kovačić
Emma Ledwidge
Andrew Loach
Haneen Mahmoud
Katerina Mavrou
Rania Mehwi
Stephanie Menschel
Barbara Mercolini
Laura Metcalfe
Samir Mirzakhanov
Youssef Negm
Jean Ochse
Stephanie Ogulin-Weinlich
Rebecca Okoroji
Hani Omar
Attia Salim
Izeta Samardžić
Francesca Siboni
Ahmad Sidawi
Ima Somers
Agnes Sroka
Grace Tagwireyi
Erika Toth
Yasmin Van Den Hoven
Marios Vlachos
Remi Weber
Marleen Wedler
Silke Wiesel
Matthias Witt

Parag Alurkar
Mohammad Firdhaus Baharom
Sonia Bhatia-Salmin
Lionel Bird
Lindsay Carapella
Surbhi Chadha
Laurence Fox
Zora Hoare
Jenny Hunter
Aneesh Kammath
Raju Kotagal
Carsten Ley
Andy McCutcheon
Sangeetha Murthy
Rod Netterfield
Ravindra Patwardhan
Magda Prada
Anita Siassios
Aurawan Sachaphornskul
Vidhya Shanmughara
Ian Stokol
Gaille Syquia
Bata Tumurbaatar

Caribbean & Latin America
Samantha Conyers
Meagan Jackson
Felipe Jurjevic
Elaine Mazzon
Sebastien Munar
Marcelo Riva
Tatiana Ramirez
Lynnette Veguilla Torres
Francisco Zapata

What is the CCXP exam?

The CCXP certification exam is owned and administered by the Customer Experience Professionals Association. (CXPA.org)

CXPA.org and ClearAction.com are independent. ClearAction provides CCXP training. Separately, CXPA runs the CCXP exam and certificate.

This is what the exam looks like: Preview.

There are 100 multiple-choice CCXP questions, with 1 correct answer and 3 incorrect options. The score required to pass the examination is 80%.

You have 3 hours to complete the CCXP exam. Typically, 2 hours is sufficient. You can choose from remote online or in-person online testing. No notations, electronic devices, or calculators are allowed during the exam.

Many parties inappropriately use the terms “Certified,” “Accredited,” or “Accreditation” when the resource offered is below the rigor of measurement against an independent criterion of proficiency.

  • Was the resource developed through a broad, consensus-based process in alignment with industry standards for workplace credentials? Does it properly represent itself?
  • What rigor is reflected in the qualifications and assessment process of the credential?

CCXP exam questions are based on an industry-wide job task analysis. In 2020, more than 150 customer experience professionals provided feedback on the importance of job tasks covering the scope of the CX profession. These findings shaped the current upgrade of the CCXP exam.

Here is more information about the CCXP exam process.

These are CXPA’s fees:

  • $495 (USD) CXPA member price for application and exam via CXPA.org.
  • $645 (USD) non-member price for application and exam via CXPA.org.
  • $720 (USD) one-year membership plus application and exam via CXPA.org.

Presently, about 30% of candidates retake the exam. The vast majority of these people did not follow the advice of a master CCXP trainer, or did not read the multiple choice questions carefully. You may retake the CCXP examination up to three times within your six-month exam eligibility period. The exam retake fee is $198 for CXPA members and $348 for non-members. Individuals who are not successful at passing the exam after 3 attempts will be required to begin the process again, including paying the certification application and exam fee in effect at the time of reapplication.

(ClearAction CCXP Demo)

(Comparisons to Other Resources)

You will save tremendous time and costs through ClearAction’s CCXP Exam e-Consulting.


  • Join our public live classes.
  • New live classes can be arranged for 2+ participants.
  • Add coaching to all mini-lessons and tests for total $650 Coaching + 5 CCXP Topics
    You can ask any questions before and/or after the exam in any combination of sessions up to 90 minutes.
  • Arrange in-person training at your location: send request to Success at ClearAction.com.
    If you require an invoice or purchase order, note that there is a surcharge for additional paperwork.

“I am so thankful for your support and endless help during my CCXP journey!”
— Raneem Al Deejain, CCXP, My Clinic KSA (Saudi Arabia)

“This self-paced/live course enabled me to bring all my CX knowledge together and study at my own pace for the exam.”
— Laurence Fox, CCXP, SHAPE Australia

“What I like most is the hints in the quiz to help you understand the perspective.”
— Bruce Liu, CCXP, Blue Cross Insurance Hong Kong

Experience Leadership Topic Mastery certificate and social media badge are earned by successfully answering 15 topic mastery scenarios: 3 for each of the 5 competencies. This is awarded by ClearAction Continuum, with individual feedback to you by Lynn Hunsaker.

CCXP Topic Mastery Certificate

Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) Certificate is earned by successfully answering 80% or more of 100 multiple choice questions in the CXPA’s CCXP exam. This is awarded by CXPA (Customer Experience Professionals Association).

CCXP Certificate

Send requests to Success at ClearAction.com or book a discovery call by clicking “Let’s Talk” at the top of this web page. (Promo code is usually for transfer from a mini-lesson to a bundle or from Enthusiasts masterclass to CCXP or Experts masterclass.) If you require an invoice, contact us via email to Success at ClearAction.com, but note that there is a surcharge for additional paperwork.

“I’ve been through 4 modules so far and your materials are really excellent!!! I love it.
I just wish I would have used it before.”

— Bruce Liu, Cognizant (Hong Kong)

“This course is certainly among the best CX content I’ve ever found.
It unites concepts and application. It’s a CXM system connected with business results.”

— Elaine Mazzon, PhoneTrack (Brazil)

“Thank you, ClearAction. It was a great course.
I appreciate all your support. Wonderful material and great trainer.”

Suhaib Jaber, PWC (Jordan)

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